Old Spice TV Commercial

Old Spice: She Nose Best

Nothing sells men’s grooming products like the promise of female attraction. In this article, we’re looking at the new ad campaign from Old Spice, “She Nose Best” created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. We’ll give this chain of ads a score out of 10 for a variety of essential advertising criteria. Have a look […]
Old Spice: Marco Love-O and Mask

Old Spice: Marco Love-O and Mask

Old Spice unveiled its Valentine’s Day campaign and it is so funny! There are two commercials Marco Love-O (30-sec) and Mask (15-sec), both created by the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland. The Marco Love-O advert promotes the Ambassador – The Scent of Excellence. A classic masculine scent with warm, caring notes of creamy amber […]
Old Spice: Cinema – extended version

Old Spice: Cinema – extended version

Von Miller is a Renaissance man: professional football player, auteur, director, photographer, computer whiz-hacker, producer, special effects artist, and actor. Old Spice Hydro Wash is a body wash: it’s hydrating, in a plastic bottle, fragrant, swirly, and for delicate skin. See the connection? Von Miller presents his directorial, editorial, actorial, producerorial, executive producerorial and craft […]

Old Spice: Nightmare Face

I like crazy Old Spice commercials (remember its Dadsong ad ?) and this Nightmare Face is not an exception. Made by advertising agency: Wieden + Kennedy, USA and features Terry Crews, Nightmare Face ad is funny and full of adrenaline.