10 old funny commercials

Some commercials are so successful that they remain interesting to watch even after many years. We made a collection of the funniest commercials older than 10 years (except the last one). And I laughed heartily at most of them. They are not in the order of my preferences or in chronological order. I simply placed the ads in a random order.
The collection contains the following funny commercials:

Old Spice – The man your man could smell like – 2010
Volkswagen – Old Lady – 2010
Canal + – Man in the Closet – 2009
GEICO – Hump Day Camel – 2013
Hamlet – Photo Booth – 1986
John West – Bear – 2000

Pepsi Max – Job interview 2009
Specsavers – Over 60s2 009
Specsavers – Sauna – 2011
Doppel Herz – 2017

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