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HP: With Every Child A Mother Is Born

Most people would probably assume the idea of home printing to be in a bit of a decline relative to times before the internet, social media and the current trend of smartphones in every pocket. What better way to bring printing back to the mainstream than to make it more of an emotional purchase than […]

Omaze: Dodgeball is back and Ben Stiller wants YOU

Ah dodgeball. The cult comedy that brought the sport of dodgeball global fame for all the wrong reasons. In this piece, we take a good look at the unique commercial by Omaze, “Dodgeball is back and Ben Stiller wants YOU”. Have a read through our notes and see if you agree with our review of […]
Gillette: Handle With CareVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223763300

Gillette: Handle With Care

Handle With Care: Gillette’s New Assisted Shaving Razor, a commercial created by the advertising agency Grey, New York. It’s time for the shaving industry to take their piece of the grey dollar. Here, we go over Gillette’s extended TV advertisement for it’s assisted Shaving Razor, dealing scores out of 10 for key advertising criteria. Read […]
Verena: CaptureVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 224606255

Verena: Capture

This weird commercial was created by McCann Thailand for Verena. Produced by Phenomena Bangkok, the advert makes fun of behavior of Thai policemen. (Visited 143 times, 1 visits today)
Ancestry: Declaration DescendantsVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223758671

Ancestry: Declaration Descendants

Here we take a look at the “Declaration Descendants” TV ad campaign by Ancestry. We’ll give the commercial a score out of 10 for five of the essential advertising elements; memorability, effectiveness, styling, heart, and execution. Check out our ratings and see if you feel the same way. The advert was made by the advertising […]
Kia: The Turbo Hamster Has ArrivedVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223763286

Kia: The Turbo Hamster Has Arrived

In a world where the automotive advertising needs to be stand out more than ever, the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo commercial titled “The Turbo Hamster Has Arrived”, is a prime reflection on the lengths car brands now have to go to in order to shout out. In this review we offer a quick breakdown of […]

E*TRADE: Don’t Get Mad

Named “Don’t Get Mad,” the new E*TRADE campaign was created by advertising agency MullenLowe. This is a compilation of the best TV adverts from this campaing. (Visited 372 times, 1 visits today)
Philco: EuthanasiaVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223097092

Philco: Euthanasia

There’s taking an edgy approach, then there’s taking a full on controversial one. In this review, we take a look at the interesting and slightly questionable Philco TV ad created by Mercado McCann called “Euthanasia”. Have a read through our breakdown of this unorthodox concept and see if we shared your reaction. Memorability – 7 […]
Bufdir: The LunchboxVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223097129

Bufdir: The Lunchbox

Reaching out to potential foster parents, The Lunchbox campaign has the prime objective of calling those able to further action. As the Kickstarter to an awareness campaign for what many would perceive as in line with charitable causes, the ad has a large and important goal in site. The advert was created by the advertising […]
Lacoste: TimelessVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223095652

Lacoste: Timeless

History has a way of reaching the softest parts of our hearts and minds. The “Timeless” ad by Lacoste certainly takes the concept of time and “runs” with it wholeheartedly. In this post, we present our review of this commercial and give it our scores out of 10 in regards the vital advertising criteria. Give […]
Uber: Effortless NightVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223097158

Uber: Effortless Night

Thanks to Uber, having a wild and unpredictable night around town is now easier than ever. Here we take a good look at Uber’s ‘Effortless night’ ad, directed by Kim Gehrig, and evaluate the commercial regarding memorability, effectiveness, style, humor, and execution. See if you agree with our initial thoughts: Memorability – 7 / 10 […]
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