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Stella Artois: Party TrickVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223130815

Stella Artois: Party Trick

The new Stella Artois advert is cool. With the tagline “Host One to Remember,” the advert features the song Palladium -by Liz Brady. (Visited 64 times, 26 visits today)
Secret Deodorant: Brandon, Brendan, BrandonVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223126937

Secret Deodorant: Brandon, Brendan, Brandon

Secret Deodorant unveiled a funny commercial with the tagline “Don’t Pit Out When You Stress Out.” The advert features Caitlin Brodnick, an actress, known for Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), Step Up 3D (2010) and Diamonds Wow! (2010). The Secret Deodorant TV commercial promotes Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid. (Visited 95 times, 36 visits today)
Ford: For the Ones You LoveVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 223097267

Ford: For the Ones You Love

“For the Ones You Love,” the Ford new TV commercial, features the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by “The Proclaimers”. The advert promotes the all new 2017 Ford Edge with the tagline “Go Further.” Some viewers wonder how they could get into her hotel room just like that… (Visited 37 times, 10 visits today)

GEICO: The Flat Tire Guitar Solo

GEICO and The Martin Agency unveiled the funny advert “The Flat Tire Guitar Solo.” The hilarious TV commercial is about a family uses the GEICO mobile app to fix their flat tire and get their guitar prodigy to his recital. The son is Cooper Friedman, Bob Clendenin is the Husband and the mom is played […]

Sling TV: Now you can get picky with your TV featuring Danny Trejo

Sling TV launches a new campaign created by Creative Agency Society and produced by Smuggler. There are two TV commercials in this campaign “You’re picky with your coffee” and “You’re picky with your vacation plans.” Both adverts feature Danny Trejo. Memorability – 8 / 10 Danny Trejo score all points for memorability. Also, Patty Guggenheim […]
Oakley: Bubba Watson Can’t Stop Rolling His Own WayVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222466217

Oakley: Bubba Watson Can’t Stop Rolling His Own Way

The Oakley sportswear brand has always been synonymous with quality, refined style and is a little different. In this campaign, they bring in Bubba Watson as their face and voice of the modern athlete. Here, we pick apart this TV ad and give our 2 cents on the aspects that really matter. Take a look […]
TD Ameritrade – Cat’s in the CradleVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222464299

TD Ameritrade – Cat’s in the Cradle

In this post, we review the beautiful Cats in the Cradle advert pieced together by Ameritrade. The film was created by the advertising agency Havas Worldwide. We’ll talk about the best bits presented by this concept as well as give our scores out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, heart, and execution. Check out the […]
GMC: Dad Like A ProVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222464292

GMC: Dad Like A Pro

There are many approaches brands can take when trying to build connections with men in the parenting life stage. Evidently, sometimes simply appealing to their strongest primal desires is the best way to make gains. Here we take a look at the “Dad like a pro” campaign for GMC’s 2017 Sierra truck, giving the ad […]
Apple: The ArchivesVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222477002

Apple: The Archives

The new Apple TV commercial is created by advertising agency TBWA Chiat Day. The touching advert is named “The Archives” and it promotes iPhone 7 Memories tab feature. The Memories tab in the Photos app automatically creates movies out of the photos and videos in your camera roll. The background music of Apple’s advert is […]
State Farm: Backstory – TruckVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222181968

State Farm: Backstory – Truck

Some ad’s make you laugh, some make you cry and others simply tell you a story. Here, we take a detailed look at the touching Backstory Truck commercial by the insurance firm State Farm. We’ve given this ad a score out of 10 for each of the most important elements a TV commercial should feature. […]
Apple: APPOCALYPSE – WWDC 2017Video thumbnail for vimeo video 222247300


Apple unveiled a short film to promote WWDC 2017. The funny advert has the marketing story “Ever wonder what life would be like if all our apps suddenly disappeared? Enter the Appocalypse.” (Visited 90 times, 1 visits today)
GEICO: Boyz II Men – Side EffectsVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 222168149

GEICO: Boyz II Men – Side Effects

GEICO unveiled a new funny commercial. Named “Side Effects,” the advert was created by the advertising agency The Martin Agency Inc. and it features Boyz II Men. The tagline is “It’s What You Do.” (Visited 409 times, 36 visits today)
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