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Shoe Carnival: Poster Boy Featuring Zach KingVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 230146609

Shoe Carnival: Poster Boy Featuring Zach King

Shoe Carnival unveiled a new commercial featuring Zach King. If you don’t know who is Zach King read below: He (born February 4, 1990) is an American Vine star, filmmaker and YouTube personality based in Los Angeles. He is most known for his “magic vines” – six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he […]

Genesis: Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog

We all appreciate what it’s like to have your beautiful car threatened by the messy behavior of a passenger’s pet. In the latest Genesis ad, “Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog”, man’s protective instinct for his most prized possession is cleverly depicted. The “Driver Versus Fierce Cute Dog” TV commercial was created by the advertising agency […]
OnePlus: Lake Blood – horror movieVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 230126668

OnePlus: Lake Blood – horror movie

OnePlus unveiled a funny commercial to promotes its OnePlus 5 mobile phone. The film was made by the creative agency Lucky Generals and it was produced by Knucklehead. Directed by Ben Gregor, the commercial was shot in Slovenia. The girl from OnePlus commercial is Caitlin-Rose Lacey, a beautiful 18-year actress (she is from London). The […]
Nike: Smile featuring Mo FarahVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 230037667

Nike: Smile featuring Mo Farah

Wieden + Kennedy, London creates this inspiring advert for Nike. Nike’s new film ‘Smile’ celebrates the tremendous sacrifice and resilient mindset behind his record-breaking track career…and unbeatable smile. “Smile” chronicles Farah’s unseen gruelling journey and mental strength behind his smiley persona. The film gives viewers an unprecedented insight into the runner’s journey and toughest training […]
Three UK: Go BingeVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228342671

Three UK: Go Binge

Three UK seem to be joining the ever increasing trend of using cuddly looking animated characters in their TV advertising campaigns. The advert was created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, London. Here we take a look at their latest ad named, “Go Binge”. We’ll rate this commercial out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, humor, […]

IKEA: Lion Man

The “Wonderful Everyday” campaign from Ikea has been running for years now. The phrase is firmly stuck in the minds of almost all adult Brits. Here, we go over Ikea’s latest addition to this powerful campaign named, “Lion Man”. We’ll break this ad down into crucial advertising criteria and give it scores out of 10 […]
Go-GURT: Tim & CharlieVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228343013

Go-GURT: Tim & Charlie

The fascinating and touchy market of children’s consumables receives yet another product that promises “easier” access. Here we take a good look at Go-Guts “Yoga” advert. The “Kids Never Had It So Easy” campaign was created by San Francisco agency Erich & Kallman and directed by Harold Einstein. We’ll review its effectiveness as a TV […]

Honda: Over the Rainbow

Singer Joy Downer was behind the cover of the song “Over the Rainbow,” the background music featured in the ad. Honda has become one of the leading producers of moving, stunning, and inspiring motoring adverts over the past few years. Here we take a look at their latest addition, “The Power Of Dreams”. We’ll discuss […]
Apple: The Rock x Siri Dominate the DayVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228343442

Apple: The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

Two of the most popular figures in the world of entertainment team up in this blockbuster TV commercial – Apple, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here, we give this commercial a quick fire review and allocate scores out of 10 for core areas advertising criteria. Check out our evaluation and see if you agree. Memorability […]
Nike: The Roger EffectVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228343455

Nike: The Roger Effect

The world’s most powerful sports brand team up with the world’s greatest ever tennis player to give us a brand awareness commercial that many will feel is a good reflection of some plain hard facts. Here, we analyze Nikes “The Roger Effect” TV ad and give it scores out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, […]
Channel 4: The Great British Bake OffVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228337707

Channel 4: The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bakeoff is one of the biggest shows on UK TV. Here, we evaluate Channel 4’s take on launching this titan of a show on their network for the first time. In this post, we’ll give this advert a rating out of 10 for some of the most vital criteria a TV commercial […]
Vodafone: The ChaseVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228337713

Vodafone: The Chase

In a world of increasing pressure on communications companies to provide stronger signals and more consistent coverage, Vodafone is taking a witty approach to convincing customers of their networks superior capabilities. Here take a look at their ad, “The Chase” by Ogilvy & Mather in London. We’ll give this commercial scores out of 10 for […]
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