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Canon:  Canon Live for the Story – BoundariesVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 217995121Canon:  Canon Live for the Story – Boundaries

Canon: Canon Live for the Story – Boundaries

“Canon Live for the Story – Boundaries” commercial was created by VCCP, London advertising agency.The advert was produced by Riff Raff Films and directed by Megaforce. The commercial song is “Doin’ Me” by Mikey Mike. The advert is touching and well executed. VCCP wrote about this TV commercial: “There is a whole generation of young […]
McDonald’s: Dead Dad – banned – extended editionVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 217984187

McDonald’s: Dead Dad – banned – extended edition

In marketing, you can not play with people’s feelings. It is a fine line, and a marketing manager should be able to see it. McDonald’s pulls a TV advertisement in the U.K. about a boy whose father died. This happened after the company was accused of exploiting the feelings of children who have lost a […]
Apple: BarbersVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 217972171

Apple: Barbers

Apple unveiled its newest commercial, focusing on the Portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus. The 60-sec advert features the song Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor. The tagline is “Practically Magic.” Apple’s Barbers commercial is snappy and fun. (Visited 288 times, 1 visits today)
Jeep: RecalculatingVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 217704426

Jeep: Recalculating

The Jeep brand is launching its North American marketing campaign for the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass. The “Recalculating” campaign was created by the Jeep brand in partnership with DDB Chicago. The production company is RSA Films. The 60-second “Recalculating” anthem spot features purposeful storytelling highlighting millennials (and those in broader life stages) navigating through the […]
Lexus: Immersive Sonic ChallengeVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 216962303

Lexus: Immersive Sonic Challenge

“Immersive Sonic Challenge,” the new 107-second Lexus ad, is the first-ever U.S. 360-degree ad in Dolby Atmos, moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism. It’s an experience that produces a hyperreal audio reproduction of the all-new 2018 Lexus LC 500 high-performance coupe rocketing around a test track. Guests are then challenged to […]
Carl’s Jr.: How the Baby Back Rib Burger was Born |Video thumbnail for vimeo video 216731539

Carl’s Jr.: How the Baby Back Rib Burger was Born |

The advertising agency 72andSunny unveiled the second commercial from Carl’s Jr. campaign “Carl Hardee Sr.” The advert features Charles Esten playing Carl Hardee Sr. The advert tagline is “Pioneers of the Great American Burger.” The marketing story behind the TV commercial is “Sure, people have thought about putting real ribs on a burger, but it […]
Volkswagen: Atlas – America – full versionVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 216623610

Volkswagen: Atlas – America – full version

The advertising agency Deutsch LA creates this emotional video for Volkswagen. The 90-sec advert promotes 2018 Volkswagen. The marketing story behind this TV commercial is “Follow the journey of one family across the country and across generations. Introducing the all-new 7-seater Volkswagen Atlas. Life’s as big as you make it.” What is the Song in […]
Heineken: The TrailblazersVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 216454175

Heineken: The Trailblazers

The Trailblazers, the new Heineken campaign, tells a story of a group of men on an epic journey through the city which they thought they knew. Led by one of the friends, they learn that being brave and open-minded pays back as it leads to unforgettable experiences, even in their own backyard. The advert was […]
Apple: The CityVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 215955697

Apple: The City

The new Apple’s commercial promotes iPhone 7 Plus and features the song “Sing to Me” by Walter Martin (feat. Karen O). The tagline is “With Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you can focus on what you love and leave everything else behind.” (Visited 305 times, 1 visits today)
Gatorade: Paul George’s Smooth FinishVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 215144514

Gatorade: Paul George’s Smooth Finish

The new Gatorade commercial features Paul George (the second time that George has starred in a Gatorade commercial). The advert tagline is “When You Got Flow, You Know” and the music background is the song 93’Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief. Given what happened in real life, the timing of this commercial could not have […]
Hyundai: Hybrid Blues – Ioniq HEVVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 213193761

Hyundai: Hybrid Blues – Ioniq HEV

Hyundai broadcast this TV commercial to promotes 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid car. Some people wonder why Hyundai is doing this now, if they can’t keep up with the delivery of the current orders. The tagline is “The world needed a better hybrid, so we built it. The all-new 2017 Hyundai Ioniq HEV.” The background song […]
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