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Audi: Escape

The new Audi’s commercial is named “Escape” is a Bangkok martial-arts spectacular that demonstrates the amazing brains and luxury interior technologies of the recently launched models from Audi. The hilarious film was created by the advertising agency BBH London and it promotes A6, A7 and A8 models. Directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen, MJZ production company, […]
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Sparkling Ice: What The Flavor

Nothing goes better with Bread n Butter than Sparkling Ice, as evident in the new campaign directed by kaboom’s Erik Moe. There are four hilarious spots in this campaign: “WTF,” “Dis Rap,” “Fruit Wheel,” and “Fruit Rocket.” The spots are a comedic take on the advertising industry, where an effervescent duo of eager interns seeks […]
Impossible Foods Presents Return

Impossible Foods: The Return

Impossible Foods, a company that it develops meat and cheese substitutes made entirely from plants, unveiled its commercial named “The Return.” The epic advert features an astronaut that takes his first steps back on Earth. The tagline is “Everything on Earth is here! Impossible Foods is on a mission, and it’s not to Mars.” (Visited […]
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Nike Football: Awaken the Phantom

Nike Football unveiled its new commercial named “Awaken the Phantom.” Created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Matthew Vaughn, the Nike Football’s spot features Philippe Coutinho, Mallory Pugh, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar Jr., Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, Xavi Simons, Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, LEGENDURY BEATZ and Legendury Beatz Mutay. The […]
US National Security Council: There’s No Next If You Text

US National Security Council: There’s No Next If You Text

The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million collisions in the U.S. alone each year. To help address this continuing problem, System1 Agency wanted to use its knowledge of and expertise in behavioral science to create an emotional film with the aim of changing people’s attitudes and behaviors […]
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Playtex Tampons: The New Tampon from Playtex starring D’Arcy Carden

Playtex Tampons unveiled this hilarious TV commercial to promotes Playtex Xtra tampons. As you have guessed, this product is not real. Created by the advertising agency Edelman, the advert features the American actress and comedian D’Arcy Carden. Carden is best known for her starring role as Janet on the NBC sitcom The Good Place. (Visited […]
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Channel 4: The Great British Bake Off – trailer

Channel 4 unveiled this funny commercial to promotes the launch of the 11th season ofThe Great British Bake Off TV show. The advert was created by its creative 4Creative studio. You will recognize the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. (Visited 136 times, 5 visits today)

Organic Valley: Internet Cooking Youtubers Love Ghee

“Teaching people how to use something they already know how to use”. Doesn’t that just sum up 80% of modern commercialism these days. In this article, we’re reviewing Organic Valley’s new ad, “Internet Cooking Youtubers Love Ghee”, a funny advert created by the advertising agency Humanaut. We’ll be giving this lively tv commercial scores out […]
French supermarket Intermarche advert

Intermarche: The Taste of Colors

The mind can play all kinds of tricks on us, especially when it comes to food. In this piece, we’re taking a look at the new campaign by the advertising agency Romance to promote “Essentiel” French supermarket Intermarche own brand range of products. We’ll give this advert scores out of 10 for various advertising criteria. […]
Old Spice TV Commercial

Old Spice: She Nose Best

Nothing sells men’s grooming products like the promise of female attraction. In this article, we’re looking at the new ad campaign from Old Spice, “She Nose Best” created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. We’ll give this chain of ads a score out of 10 for a variety of essential advertising criteria. Have a look […]

Íslandsbanki: Reykjavík City Marathon

It’s not every day you see a marathon advertised on TV in such a dramatic way. In this article, we’re looking at the new advert for Íslandsbanki’s Reykjavík City Marathon, a commercial created by the advertising agency Brandenburg, Iceland. We’ll give this piece of advertising scores out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, heart, and […]
Star Alliance: Connection Service: Details Matter

Star Alliance: The Connection Service – Details Matter

The advertising agency Atomic, London creates this funny commercial for Star Alliance. The advert was produced by Armoury and it promotes the new Connection Service. What is the Connection Service? “At selected Star Alliance hubs, customers are being helped every day when transferring from one Star Alliance member airline to another. The Connection Service springs […]
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British Airways: Safety Video Sequel

British Airways takes safety to a whole new level in their new campaign. In this article, we’ll review this adverts memorability, effectiveness, style, humor and overall execution. Have a look throughout notes and scores to see if you feel the same way about this all-star cast concept. Memorability – 8 / 10 This ad is […]
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TENA Men: Odyssey: The Quest for Total Control

Created by the advertising agency AMV BBDO, “Odyssey: The Quest for Total Control” is a funny commercial for TENA Men. The advert features Stirling Gravitas, a character created by the agency. The advert promotes the new absorbent protectors from TENA Men. The commercial’s synopsis is “Stirling Gravitas embarks on an epic worldwide quest for total […]
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Walmart: An Ode to Motherhood

The 3-min short film “An Ode to Motherhood” was produced by Scouts Honour and directed by Mark Zibert (Rogue Films) for Walmart Canada. The marketing message is “Motherhood, you treasure the rewards, you cherish the love and push through the challenges, which make it all worthwhile. Live. Love. Save.” Credits: PRODUCTION COMPANY: DIRECTOR: Mark Zibert […]
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