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Gather around the festive table as we unwrap the Plus Supermarkets Christmas 2023 campaign. Created by the imaginative minds at Energize, this Dutch delight serves up more than just festive cheer; it’s a heart-tugging tale of family, estrangement, and the unifying power of a shared meal. As we delve into the world of Thomas and William, twin brothers separated by more than just distance, we discover how Plus Supermarkets artfully blends the essence of the holidays with a poignant societal message.

Plus Supermarkets Christmas 2023 commercial
Holiday cheers and silent tears – a Christmas ad like no other.
  1. Emotional Storytelling: The campaign tugs at the heartstrings, focusing on the universal theme of estrangement and reconciliation. It’s a narrative as rich and layered as a well-prepared Christmas dinner, leaving viewers with a lasting emotional resonance.
  2. Narrative Depth: Through the specific story of Thomas and William, Plus Supermarkets has skillfully crafted a narrative that goes beyond the usual holiday glitz, offering a slice of reality that many can relate to.
  3. Social Relevance: Addressing the theme of societal polarization, this campaign touches a nerve when such issues are at the forefront, making it a conversation starter.
  1. Heavy on Sentimentality: The ad might be accused of overindulging in emotions, like a Christmas pudding too rich for some, potentially overshadowing the brand’s message about its products.
  2. Subtle Brand Integration: The focus on narrative might leave viewers craving a bit more on how Plus Supermarkets fits into the story. It’s like expecting a main course but being served an appetizer.
  3. Risk of Overshadowing Product: In its bid to be emotionally engaging, the ad risks being remembered more for its story than the brand behind it – a fine line between memorable and distracting.
Plus Supermarkets Christmas 2023 Advert
The emotional banquet of Plus Supermarkets’ Christmas campaign.

Like a well-seasoned Christmas roast, the Plus Supermarkets’ Christmas 2023 campaign is tender fulfilling, but perhaps a tad too heavy on the emotional gravy. It’s a festive ad that will likely linger in your thoughts, much like the last piece of pie you know you shouldn’t have, but can’t resist.

Compared to previous Christmas campaigns by Plus Supermarkets, such as the 2019 and 2020 campaigns, this latest effort continues the trend of using emotional storytelling to forge a deeper connection with the audience. However, unlike the 2020 campaign, which focused more on the joy and warmth of family gatherings, the 2023 campaign delves into more complex themes of estrangement and reconciliation.

Plus Supermarkets Christmas 2023 Ad
Twin troubles in a winter wonderland – the emotional core of Plus Supermarkets’ ad.
  • Memorable: 85/100 – Like that uncle’s Christmas sweater, hard to forget.
  • Effective: 70/100 – Effective in pulling heartstrings, but could tie stronger knots to the brand.
  • Style: 90/100 – Served with the elegance of a well-set Christmas table.
  • Heart/Humor: 75/100 – Heavy on the heart, light on the humor. A balanced diet is key!
  • Execution: 80/100 – Executed with the precision of Santa’s elves, but missing a few toys in the branding workshop.

Hard to forget


Heavy on the heart

Heart or Humor7.5
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