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Barbour, in a festive collaboration with the beloved animated character Shaun the Sheep, has released their Christmas advert for 2023. This charming commercial blends the quintessentially English brand with the enduring appeal of Aardman’s creation. The ad spins a yarn about the Farmer’s pre-Christmas predicaments and Shaun’s mischievous yet heartwarming efforts to help. Let’s dive into this woolly wonder to see how it weaves its Christmas magic.

Barbour Christmas commercial 2023
Shaun the Sheep’s latest adventure in Barbour’s 2023 Christmas advert
  1. Memorable: 88/100
    • Pros: Shaun the Sheep’s endearing legacy ensures instant recognition and nostalgia, making the advert memorable. The humorous mishaps and inventive solutions are classic Aardman and linger in the mind.
    • Cons: However, focusing on product repair rather than a more direct Christmas message could make it less memorable as a festive ad.
  2. Effective: 82/100
    • Pros: The ad effectively promotes Barbour’s durability and repair services, underlining the brand’s commitment to longevity.
    • Cons: The storyline, while charming, might overshadow the brand’s messaging, potentially diluting its effectiveness in promoting specific products.
  3. Style: 90/100
    • Pros: Aardman’s unique stop-motion animation style adds a distinct and visually appealing aspect to the advert, enhancing its stylistic charm.
    • Cons: The style, while distinctive, might not appeal to all demographics, particularly those unfamiliar with Aardman’s work.
  4. Heart/Humor: 95/100
    • Pros: The advert’s heartwarming narrative of teamwork and creativity, combined with its gentle humor, resonates well with the audience, evoking a sense of joy and nostalgia.
    • Cons: The humor, centered around the character’s antics, might be too subtle or niche for some viewers.
  5. Execution: 87/100
    • Pros: The seamless integration of character and brand, combined with high-quality animation and storytelling, showcases excellent execution.
    • Cons: The ad’s focus on the repair process might leave viewers wanting more direct holiday-themed content.
Barbour Christmas Advert 2023
A festive mishap turns into a heartwarming tale with Shaun and Friends.

Although an animated character, Shaun the Sheep has been a staple in English culture since his debut. His mischievous yet lovable character has endeared him to audiences of all ages.

Barbour Christmas Ad 2023
Shaun the Sheep: stitching together a festive story for Barbour

Barbour‘s 2023 Christmas advert featuring Shaun the Sheep is a delightful blend of nostalgia, humor, and brand messaging. It successfully marries the playful antics of Aardman’s beloved character with the enduring appeal of Barbour’s quality craftsmanship. While focusing on product repair is a clever nod to Barbour’s durability and service ethos, it also adds a unique twist to the typical festive advert narrative. The ad’s charm lies not just in its animation and story but in its ability to evoke a sense of warmth and communal spirit, which is at the heart of the holiday season.

This commercial stands out as a testament to the power of creative collaboration, bringing together two iconic British brands in a fresh and familiar way. It’s a story that will resonate with audiences of all ages, reminding us of the joys of simplicity, the value of repair and reuse, and the magic that can happen when we come together to solve problems. In a world often consumed by consumerism, especially during the holidays, this ad provides a whimsical yet poignant reminder of what truly matters.

Barbour and Shaun the Sheep have spun a festive yarn that will be remembered and cherished, not just for its humor and creativity but for its heartwarming portrayal of resilience, teamwork, and the enduring spirit of Christmas.



A seamless integration of Shaun the Sheep and brand.

Heart or Humor9.5
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