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The holiday spirit

The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and, of course, shopping. Retail giants like Walmart seize this opportunity to showcase their vast products, aiming to be the one-stop-shop for all holiday needs. The latest Walmart advertisement, “Find your thing for the holidays,” perfectly encapsulates this spirit. This 60-second video takes viewers on a festive journey through Walmart’s extensive holiday offerings, from fashion to decor, emphasizing the uniqueness of each customer’s needs.

Walmart - Find your thing for the holidays​
Walmart’s holiday ad brings a personalized touch to festive shopping.
  • Memorable: 75/100
    • Pros: The slogan “Find your thing for the holidays” is catchy and encapsulates the ad’s theme well. It’s likely to stick in viewers’ minds as they think about their holiday shopping.
    • Cons: The concept, while engaging, is not groundbreaking in the realm of holiday advertising, potentially making it less memorable in a sea of similar campaigns.
  • Effective: 80/100
    • Pros: The ad effectively communicates Walmart’s extensive range of products, catering to the diverse needs of its customers. The message of personalization is a smart strategy to appeal to individual shoppers.
    • Cons: Its effectiveness may be somewhat diluted by the similarity of its approach to other retailers’ campaigns, like Target’s.
  • Style: 85/100
    • Pros: Assuming the ad features vibrant, holiday-themed visuals, it likely creates an inviting and festive atmosphere. The use of varied scenes to showcase products can be visually engaging.
    • Cons: This style, while attractive, is not unique and may blend in with other holiday advertisements.
  • Heart/Humor: 70/100
    • Pros: The theme of finding something special for everyone can resonate emotionally with viewers, especially around the holiday season.
    • Cons: Without a distinct narrative or humor element, the ad might not fully capture the heartwarming essence of the season.
  • Execution: 78/100
    • Pros: The concept of personalization is well executed through the product range display, catering to Walmart’s broad audience.
    • Cons: The ad’s impact could be hindered if it doesn’t distinguish itself enough from competitors’ similar strategies.
Walmart ad holidays​
Walmart’s festive ad: Where variety meets individuality.

Walmart holiday commercial
A glimpse into the holiday spirit with Walmart’s unique campaign.

Walmart’s “Find your thing for the holidays” ad balances broad appeal and a personalized shopping experience. Its success hinges on its ability to resonate with viewers, offering something unique in a season flooded with similar messages. The ad’s comparison with Target‘s and Amazon‘s strategies highlights the competitive nature of holiday advertising while also underscoring Walmart’s attempt to stand out with a focus on individuality.



Good Christmas advert.

Heart or Humor7.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 7.9

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