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Apple, a brand synonymous with innovation and creativity, has unveiled its 2023 holiday film “Fuzzy Feelings”. Directed by Emmy Award winner Lucia Aniello and stop-motion expert Anna Mantzaris, Apple Christmas Advert 2023 is a unique blend of stop-motion and live-action. Crafted to stir emotions and highlight the brand’s ethos, this ad creatively portrays how technology intersects with human emotions and creativity.

Apple Christmas Ad 2023
The intricate stop-motion world in Apple’s ‘Fuzzy Feelings’
  • Memorable: 92/100
    • Pros: The unique combination of stop-motion and live-action, coupled with the emotional narrative, makes this ad highly memorable. The innovative use of Apple products as tools for creativity further reinforces the brand’s identity.
    • Cons: The specific storyline may not resonate with all viewers, potentially limiting its universal appeal.
  • Effective: 88/100
    • Pros: The ad effectively showcases Apple’s products — iPhone 15 Pro Max and MacBook Air — in a natural, integral part of the creative process. The story subtly promotes these products without overt commercialism.
    • Cons: The focus on storytelling might overshadow the product features for some viewers.
  • Style: 95/100
    • Pros: The ad’s artistic direction, combining stop-motion animation with live-action, is visually captivating. The seamless transitions between the two worlds are stylistically impressive.
    • Cons: The unique style, while distinctive, might not align with traditional holiday ad expectations.
  • Heart/Humor: 90/100
    • Pros: The emotional depth, reflecting on creativity and perception of others, resonates deeply. It’s touching without being overly sentimental.
    • Cons: The humor is subtle and might be overshadowed by the ad’s emotional weight.
  • Execution: 93/100
    • Pros: High-quality production, excellent direction, and the seamless integration of technology and storytelling reflect Apple’s commitment to excellence.
    • Cons: The complexity of the narrative might require multiple viewings to be fully appreciated.

Apple Christmas Commercial 2023
Apple Christmas Commercial 2023 ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ is a creative storytelling masterpiece

Apple has consistently set a high bar for holiday advertising, often weaving emotional narratives with product showcases. This ad follows in the footsteps of previous campaigns, like the 2021 “Snowman” ad, using storytelling to connect with audiences.

TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple’s long-time collaborator, has a history of crafting compelling narratives that intertwine Apple’s products with human stories. Their approach often balances product showcasing with emotional storytelling, evident in “Fuzzy Feelings”.

Lucia Aniello, an Emmy Award-winning director known for her work on “Hacks,” brings a nuanced touch to the narrative. At the same time, Anna Mantzaris’s expertise in stop-motion adds a unique visual dimension.

Apple Christmas Advert 2023
A poignant scene from ‘Fuzzy Feelings’, encapsulating the spirit of creativity and kindness

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Director: Lucia Aniello
DP: James Laxton
Production Company: Hungry Man
Animation Director: Anna Mantzaris
Animation Production Company: Passion Pictures
Music: “Isn’t It a Pity” by George Harrison

Fuzzy Feelings: Behind the Scenes 



A heartwarming world of Apple's holiday ad

Heart or Humor9.0
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