What makes a Rolex a Rolex

What makes a Rolex a Rolex?

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Heart or Humor


Passion and persistence

The latest commercial from Rolex, titled “What makes a Rolex a Rolex?” is a masterful blend of storytelling and brand philosophy. This 76-second advert quickly garnered attention. Rolex, a brand synonymous with luxury and precision, takes viewers on a journey beyond the tangible elements of watches to the ethos of their craftsmanship and legacy.

  • Memorable (88/100): The advert’s emphasis on the intricate components of Rolex watches, paired with a narrative on the brand’s dedication to excellence, leaves a lasting impression. It successfully etches the brand’s values in the viewers’ minds.
  • Effective (92/100): Targeting a clientele that appreciates not just luxury but the story and craftsmanship behind it, the commercial hits the mark. It effectively communicates Rolex’s dedication to quality and mastery over watchmaking.
  • Style (95/100): The style of the commercial, combining visual elements of watchmaking with a poetic narration, exudes elegance and sophistication, resonating well with the Rolex brand image.
  • Heart/Humor (75/100): While not focused on emotional appeal or humor, the advert’s soul lies in its depiction of passion and persistence in watchmaking.
  • Execution (94/100): The execution is near flawless, with seamless integration of Rolex’s philosophy, craftsmanship, and the visual representation of their watchmaking process.
What makes a Rolex a Rolex ad
The art of watchmaking redefined: Rolex’s legacy narrated through precision and skill.

Rolex’s strategy in this advertisement is exemplary in how it elevates the product beyond a timekeeping device to a symbol of unending endeavor and exceptional skill. This aligns perfectly with Rolex’s image as a maker of prestigious, timeless watches. The ad sets a distinct tone compared to other luxury brands like Patek Philippe or Omega, focusing on their heritage and craftsmanship. Rolex uniquely blends technical watchmaking aspects with poetic narration, highlighting its autonomy and mastery in every step of the process.

What makes a Rolex a Rolex advert
Rolex’s pursuit of perfection: A blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology

While Patek Philippe and Omega emphasize heritage and craftsmanship, Rolex’s approach stands out. It showcases the physical beauty of its watches and narrates the dedication and skill that goes into each timepiece, creating an informative and aspirational narrative.

Rolex’s commercial is a paradigm of how luxury brands can effectively communicate their values and artistry. It goes beyond mere advertising, telling a story of dedication, skill, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, which is at the heart of what makes a Rolex a watch and a legacy.

What makes a Rolex a Rolex ad
Crafting time: Rolex’s journey from raw materials to timeless masterpieces.



Poetic narration

Heart or Humor7.5
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