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The perpetual pursuit of watchmaking excellence

Rolex ads 2023 has unveiled the 2023 watch collection, showcasing its perpetual pursuit of watchmaking excellence. The brand has revisited its iconic Cosmograph Daytona to mark its 60th anniversary while also introducing the Yacht-Master 42, the Sky-Dweller, the GMT-Master II, the Day-Date 36, and the Oyster Perpetual in 31 mm, 36 mm, and 41 mm. Each new timepiece demonstrates Rolex’s ambition to perfect every component, question every method, and master every aspect of watchmaking expertise.

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The new Rolex Day-Date 36 welcomes dials made of decorative stone in shimmering tones that evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast. The crystallized effects, matrices, and veins make every watch face a unique work of art, and the finishing of each dial is performed to satisfy the brand’s exacting quality requirements.

Rolex ads 2023 collection
The new Rolex Day-Date

The restyled Cosmograph Daytona illustrates a desire to reinvent while preserving a sense of continuity, innovate while being mindful of tradition, and leverage technology in daring to create. The dial graphics have a new balance, and the redesigned middle case features graceful lines of light elegantly reflected from the lugs and sides. The new 4131 movement incorporates the Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorbers, and a new oscillating weight with optimized ball bearing, which feature the Rolex Côtes de Genève decoration and a cut-out oscillating weight.

The 1908 watch, inspired by one of the first Rolex watches with a Perpetual rotor, opens the Perpetual collection and reinterprets the traditional wristwatch through Rolex’s avant-garde lens. Its slim case, distinctive slim shape, and delicate interplay of light and shadow create a rare beauty and refinement.

The Yacht-Master 42, in RLX titanium, is the ally of those seeking freedom of movement. Its Oyster case and bracelet are made from a lightweight alloy with excellent corrosion-resistance properties and high mechanical strength. Its combination of polished, high-sheen, and technical satin finishes produces a subtle play of textures and light.

The Sky-Dweller has two time zones and an annual Saros calendar, making it an elegant and trusted companion for world travelers. The watch has been updated with numerous enhancements, including new options and combinations, new dial colors, and a movement equipped with the latest advances in Rolex technology.

The GMT-Master II is available in two new versions – yellow Rolesor and 18 ct yellow gold – with a Cerachrom bezel inserts in grey and black ceramic, an entirely new color combination. The choice of materials and precision of the finishes come together to show the watch in its best light.

Finally, the 31 mm, 36 mm, and 41 mm Oyster Perpetual is dotted with many-colored bubbles on its lacquered dial, joyfully reuniting the five hues introduced to the range in 2020. The dial decoration is carried out in strictly controlled conditions and requires the utmost precision at every stage to create a marvel of color.

Rolex’s 2023 collection exemplifies the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and showcases its commitment to innovation and tradition. Each new timepiece represents a distillation of Rolex’s know-how in terms of technology and design, and each is a testament to the brand’s perfect mastery of the watchmaking and gem-setting arts. Rolex’s latest creations will surely become icons that will prevail for years.



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