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Rolex: Celebrating Cinema

Created by the advertising agency JWT, the new Rolex TV commercial is named “Celebrating Cinema.” The advert is a compilation of iconic films like The Pink Panther, The Hustler, Network, Selma, LA Confidential, Che, Frantic and Titanic. The new Rolex TV commercial features Paul Newman, Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper, Bill Paxton, Jim Carrey, and Marlon Brando. Bill Paxton died at the day before the Academy Awards.
The advert was broadcasted during the 2017 Oscar ceremony as Rolex sponsorship of the 89th Academy Awards.

“Rolex maintains its ties with exceptional individuals and organizations, supporting the extraordinary accomplishments of those who are capable of challenging the world by pushing the boundaries of their art. Rolex supports the Academy and its endeavors, both in its recognition of achievement and in preserving the history of film, of which Rolex is proud to have played a part.”

Legendary films


It is just a mix of movie scenes, but the Rolex advert brings back memories.

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