Haribo: Funny Kids Voices

This Haribo funny commercial is about a team of business professionals that have a meeting about Haribo Gold-Bears. They all have high-pitched funny voices.

The tagline of the advert is “The Original Since 1922.”

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The favorite flavors


Beside that the advert is funny, it is memorable and effective. Good work Haribo!

Heart or Humor10.0

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Comment (7)

  1. I really hate this commercial. I can’t stand even listening to it — I will actually turn off the channel i am watching immediately because it is so irritating. I like their gummy bears, but this commercial makes me not want to buy it anymore because of association with something i really dislike. I wish they would take it off air as soon as possible.

  2. I totally agree! I don’t understand the mindset behind this commercial. I mean- why not just have cute kids eating the gummy bears? Why does anyone think that having grown-up’s talk like little kids is funny and appealing? I won’t buy their product because of this stupid commercial.

  3. I simply love this commercial it warm and wonderful to see adults with children voices. I hope you have more commercials like this and my guess you’ll sell a lot of gummy bears with this one. Actually it is the only commercial I enjoy watching. Thanks for the breath of fresh air!


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