Haribo: Funny Kids Voices

See here the new commercial of Haribo’s Funny Kids Voices featuring a rock band.

This Haribo funny commercial is about a team of business professionals that have a meeting about Haribo Gold-Bears. They all have high-pitched funny voices.

The tagline of the advert is “The Original Since 1922.”

The favorite flavors


Beside that the advert is funny, it is memorable and effective. Good work Haribo!

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 8 votes ) 4.2

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  1. I really hate this commercial. I can’t stand even listening to it — I will actually turn off the channel i am watching immediately because it is so irritating. I like their gummy bears, but this commercial makes me not want to buy it anymore because of association with something i really dislike. I wish they would take it off air as soon as possible.

  2. I totally agree! I don’t understand the mindset behind this commercial. I mean- why not just have cute kids eating the gummy bears? Why does anyone think that having grown-up’s talk like little kids is funny and appealing? I won’t buy their product because of this stupid commercial.

  3. I simply love this commercial it warm and wonderful to see adults with children voices. I hope you have more commercials like this and my guess you’ll sell a lot of gummy bears with this one. Actually it is the only commercial I enjoy watching. Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

  4. This commercial is among the stupidest I’ve ever seen. So is the new one. Not funny, not clever, just DUMB.

  5. This Haribo commercial is the second worst commercial I have ever endured. Adults with baby voices is terrible. The only worse commercial is for Sonic Drive-in. Needless to say I wouldn’t patronize either company. Companies that “talk down” to their customers must really be hard up for intelligent CEOs.

  6. I have to admit I’ve never had a haribo gummy bear but yr commercial is outstanding!!! I am grinning. Genius!!!!

  7. This is one of the stupidest commercials I have ever had the pleasure of “Muting”. This commercial just shows you how stupid the advertisers think the public is. I have never used this product so I can’t comment on whether or not it is any good or not…but it’s obvious the advertisers really think that the public has an I Q of about 22……listening to adults talk in “baby talk” makes me want to throw up. Don’t like throwing up…so will continue to mute the ad and will not purchase the product.

  8. Well first of all, you mis-spelled my name of I corrected that. And even though I all ready commented I will re-iterate what I said before…..the Haribo commercial is stupid and insulting. It looks very much like the the add is “dumbing down” to the public. One thing is for sure….I will NEVER eat this product…..just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. And evidently, from looking back at other comments….I have a lot of company saying that the commercial is absolutely disgusting

  9. One of the absolute worst commercials ever made; these people need to act and talk like they’re in their 30s or 40s, or however old they are instead of being given kids’ voices and talking and acting like they’re only six or seven.

  10. This commercial is excellent! Some people u r never going to reach, look around at the everyday world. But with a fun commercial u guys hit it out of the park!! Great advertising. We need more minds like that

  11. The only commercial I like better is the apple one with the family arriving for Christmas and that one touches my heart!! Took my breath away the first time I saw it!! Your commercial is cute and makes me grin… every time. U have great advertisers

  12. What are we playing here????? How to do stupid? There is already enough “stupid” to go around ….we sure as hell we don’t need any more. Having Trump around really puts us over our limit don’t ya think ????

  13. I stand by my previous comments… there r not a lot of great commercials but the Apple commercial and the haribo “funny voices” r two that r superb!!! Some people r never happy no matter what. Cute commercial!!!! Keep up the great work!! Brilliant!

  14. I Love the Haribo Commercial, The Adults with kids voices. This is why I always buy Haribo! You need to keep your advertising company.

  15. I like this commercial. The stress of work, business meetings and making money goes out the window, and everyone sits and enjoys a simple treat: gummi bears. It sounds like they got a bunch of kids together and they’re all eating gummi bears and enjoying life together. No hate, no trolls, no one trying to ruin the fun or claim their intellectual superiority. The white woman loves it, the black woman loves it, the Asian man, the white man, the black man, as well as the head honcho: they all just enjoy the simple goodness of the golden bag of squishy, gummy, bears. It’s perfect and just the kind of stuff we need here in this bleak, negative era of media and public opinion.

  16. I love your commercials! The first one in the boardroom with the children’s voices makes me laugh out loud every time. It wasn’t on for a while and I missed seeing it. It is one of my favorite commercials of all time! Hopefully it will continue to be shown for a long time.

  17. Absolutely the worst commercial in the past decade. It’s not funny but it is truly obnoxious. I have to mute the sound when it comes on. Truly an insult to the viewing audience and I will certainly not even contemplate trying the product.

  18. I think the commercial is racist towards blacks. I’m black, and I certainly can’t relate towards the way the African American woman voices in the commercial, I don’t talk like that, and I can’t say that I know any African American woman that do.

    They had an Asian in the commercial, and I failed to see him talking in an Asian accent.

    Hardibo seems to be striking goose eggs all around when it comes to treating African Americans with respect.

    They need to either re-do the commercial, or apologize to AA for once again acting like jerks.

    I highly suggest you do your homework before you put it out there!

  19. The voices are supposed to be little kids and, to me, have no relation to ethnicity. I think it is one of the best commercials ever made. I and many other people I know still chuckle or laugh out loud every time we see it! I hope it stays on forever

  20. Thank you for still showing the little kid voices commercial. I still get a BIG chuckle every time I see it. It is the best commercial I have ever seen. Keep it on the TV for generations to come.

  21. Some people just have to keep making everything about race. It’s really pathetic. It’s a great commercial meant to sound like little kids. If u don’t make race a big deal, no one else will. Get a clue!! It’s not all about u and yr poor hurt feelings. U shoulda paid attention in kindergarten!


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