NYX Cosmetics Super Bowl 2024 Ad ft. Cardi B

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Ducking the Norm: Cardi B and NYX Tackle the Super Bowl 2024 with Gloss and Guts

Teaming up with the irrepressible Cardi B, NYX is not just playing the game; they’re rewriting the playbook. Their commercial, featuring the launch of the Duck Plump High Pigment Plumping Lip Gloss, promises a blend of humor, empowerment, and that unmistakable Cardi B flair. This review peels back the layers of what’s set to be a memorable ad break experience.

NYX Cosmetics Super Bowl ad Comments and Reactions

The ad’s humor, as highlighted by comments like “Plump yourself up baby” and the collective laughter over the unexpected “uncut version,” resonates with a broad audience. This humor, especially the playful jests about the product application (“They put it where…why?”), not only entertains but also reinforces NYX’s image as a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, a quality that is especially appealing to younger demographics.

Emotional Engagement and Entertainment Value

Viewer comments reflect a high level of engagement, with many celebrating the fun and over-the-top nature of the commercial. Phrases like “The most fun beauty ad that I have seen” and “Lol … for lips only” underscore the ad’s success in creating memorable content that stands out in a sea of traditional beauty ads. The mention of laughter in every take suggests an authentic and joyous production environment, further endearing viewers to the campaign.

Calls for More

The demand for more content, as seen in comments like “I need MORE!!!” and the fascination with the “sussiest ad of all time,” indicates that NYX has successfully piqued interest. This enthusiasm for additional content and behind-the-scenes glimpses suggests a strong connection with the brand and its messaging, opening doors for NYX to further capitalize on this campaign’s momentum.

Criticism and Concerns

Not all feedback is glowing, however. Some viewers express concerns about the ad’s appropriateness (“You do realize children are seeing this garbage right?”), questioning the balance between edgy humor and broader audience suitability. These criticisms highlight the challenges brands face when pushing the envelope in their marketing strategies. The dialogue between supporters and critics in the comments section showcases a diverse range of perspectives, emphasizing the importance of nuanced messaging in advertising.

The Impact on NYX’s Brand Image

The varied reactions to the commercial illustrate the ad’s role in sparking conversations about beauty standards, advertising approaches, and the role of humor in marketing. By leveraging Cardi B’s widespread appeal and a bold creative strategy, NYX positions itself as a forward-thinking, inclusive brand that’s unafraid to challenge norms and engage in cultural conversations. This approach, while not without its detractors, may serve to strengthen the brand’s appeal among younger, more progressive audiences.

Engage and Discuss

NYX Professional Makeup’s Big Game commercial with Cardi B has clearly struck a chord, igniting discussions on humor, beauty standards, and advertising creativity. What are your thoughts on the ad’s approach to challenging industry norms? Do you think the humor was well-received, or did it miss the mark for some audiences? Share your views, reactions, and let’s continue this vibrant conversation around beauty, humor, and the power of memorable advertising.

Your insights not only enrich our understanding but also highlight the diverse ways in which advertising can resonate—or clash—with public sentiment. Let’s dive deeper into this discussion, exploring the intersections of entertainment, marketing, and cultural commentary.


  1. Empowerment at the Forefront: NYX and Cardi B take a stand in a male-dominated arena, celebrating powerful women and flipping stereotypes on their heads. This ad isn’t just about selling makeup; it’s about making a statement.
  2. Humor with Heart: The promise of an “over-the-top, hilarious” commercial taps into Cardi B’s natural comedic talent. Laughter is memorable, and coupling humor with a message of empowerment is a clever play.
  3. Product Launch Excitement: Tying the ad to the exclusive launch of ‘Cherry Spice’ adds an element of anticipation. It’s not just an ad; it’s an event, creating a direct link between the excitement of the game and the allure of the product.


  1. Risk of Overshadowing: The big personality of Cardi B and the high stakes of a Super Bowl ad run the risk of overshadowing the product itself. Will viewers remember the lip gloss or just the laughs?
  2. Stereotype Flip-Flop: While aiming to subvert male stereotypes, there’s a delicate balance to maintain. The ad mustn’t inadvertently reinforce other stereotypes in its quest for humor.
  3. High Expectations: With such a buildup and a partnership of this caliber, expectations are sky-high. The challenge will be to meet and exceed these expectations without falling into the trap of overhype.
NYX Super Bowl 2024 Ad ft. Cardi B
NYX Super Bowl 2024 Ad ft. Cardi B: Who needs a halftime show when you have Cardi B and NYX bringing the gloss?

In the glitzy clash of football and beauty, NYX and Cardi B are set to deliver a playbook of plump lips and punchlines. If the game’s halftime show and touchdowns are the main course, consider this ad the most delightful and spicy cherry on top.

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