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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Super Bowl LVIII, where the dazzling lights of Las Vegas meet the high-stakes football drama and the captivating world of commercials. On February 11, 2024, Allegiant Stadium will host a clash of top NFL teams and showcase advertising ingenuity. This guide dives into every aspect of the event, focusing on the commercials that have become as iconic as the game itself.

Stay tuned, you can watch here all the commercials broadcasted during Super Bowl 2024 right here. According to Nielsen, Super Bowl 57 was the most-watched U.S. telecast in history with over 115 million viewers.

Super Bowl 2024 Ads list:


CeraVe – Michael CeraVe ft. Jeff Goldblum – Heidi Gardner and Dan Levy

He Gets Us – Jesus

NFL – Born to Play

Poppi – The Future of Soda is Now 

Etsy – Thank You, France

Pfizer – Galileo, Copernicus, Isaac Newton

TurboTax – Quinta Brunson – Sweepstakes 

NYX Cosmetics – Cardi B

Cetaphil – Dads and daughters

T-Mobile Bradley Cooper

Volkswagen – An American Love Story

CrowdStrike – Wild West

DoorDash – Sweepstakes Code


Toyota – Tacoma

Squarespace “Hello Down There,” directed by Martin Scorsese

e.l.f. Cosmetics – Judge Beauty

Microsoft – Copilot AI

Mountain Dew – Aubrey Plaza Having a Blast

Uber Eats – Featuring Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Usher, Jelly Roll , David and Victoria Beckham

State Farm – Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito

Nerds – Addison Rae

Skechers – Mr T.

Popeyes – Ken Jeong woke up from a 52-year freeze

M&M’s -Scarlett Johansson, Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith

Bud Light Super Bowl 2024 ft Post Malone

United Airlines

T-Mobile That Home Internet Feeling

E*TRADE – Babies vs. Adults: A Pickleball Showdown

BMW- Christopher Walken

Coors – Chill Train ft. LL COOL J

Doritos – Dina & Mita ft. Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez

Reese’s – hilarious

Pringles – Chris Pratt is Mr. P

Dawn – Wash Party Sweepstakes

Pluto TV – Couch Potato Farms

Google Pixel

Fan Duel

Drumstick – Eric André

Starry – It’s Time To See Other Sodas, ft. Ice Spice

STōK Cold Brew ad ft. Sir Anthony Hopkins

Silk ad ft. Jeremy Renner

Dove – It’s the Hard Knock Life

Booking – Starring Tina Fey, Glenn Close, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer

Paramount Super Bowl ad – Patrick Stewart & Hey Arnold


Miller Lite Running of the Beer Ads

Lindt Ad Super Bowl 2024 – Life is a Ball

Michelob Ultra ft. Lionel Messi, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Marino

OREO – Twist on It ft. Kris Jenner

HOLD MY OIKOS – ft Martin Lawrence & Shannon Sharpe

Budweiser- Old School Delivery

Hellmann’s – Mayo Cat

Temu – Shop like a Billionaire

Kawasaki’s Super Bowl ad is a mullet-fueled laugh riot from bald eagles to Steve Austin!

BetMGM Super Bowl 2024 ad ft. Tom Brady, Vince Vaughn

Foundation To Combat Antisemitism

Super Bowl 2024 Advertisers List

The Super Bowl is a grand stage for the world’s most innovative and influential brands. This year, the advertisers list reads like a who’s who of industry giants, each vying for the attention of millions with creative, bold, and often groundbreaking commercials. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse array of brands making their mark in the 2024 Super Bowl advertising lineup:

  • Tech Titans: As always, tech companies are at the forefront, leveraging this global platform to unveil their latest innovations. Expect dazzling displays from long-time participants like Apple and Microsoft, alongside newer tech disruptors eager to make an impact.
  • Automotive Pioneers: The automotive industry never misses the Super Bowl spotlight. This year, we anticipate a mix of luxury and electric vehicle manufacturers showcasing their newest models and cutting-edge technology, emphasizing sustainability and performance.
    • Toyota
    • Kawasaki
  • Food and Beverage Favorites: The Super Bowl wouldn’t be the same without the classic food and beverage ads. From soda giants to fast food chains and emerging health-conscious brands, these commercials often bring a mix of humor and heartwarming narratives.
    • M&M
    • Drumstick
    • Doritos
  • Financial Services and Insurance: Banks and insurance companies leverage the Super Bowl’s vast audience to build trust and connect with customers through storytelling, showcasing their commitment to supporting individuals and businesses.
  • Entertainment and Streaming Services: With the streaming wars hotter than ever, expect big reveals and exclusive sneak peeks from major networks and streaming platforms, all vying for the audience’s attention beyond the game day.
  • Consumer Goods and Retail: Household brands and retail giants will display their latest offerings and campaigns, often with a blend of celebrity endorsements and messages that resonate with everyday life.
    • Temu
    • Etsy
  • Health and Wellness: Reflecting the growing importance of health and wellness, a range of brands from this sector will likely be part of the mix, promoting products and services emphasizing a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • Travel and Hospitality: With the Super Bowl hosted in Las Vegas, travel and hospitality brands might seize the opportunity to showcase luxury experiences, travel deals, and the allure of global destinations.

Where is the 2024 Super Bowl, and What Time is the Super Bowl?

Location and Time

The 2024 Super Bowl is making history by touching down at the majestic Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities and electric atmosphere, the stadium is set to offer a game-day experience like no other. The game starts at a time when the neon lights of Vegas start to dazzle, mirroring the energy of one of the most significant sporting events in the world.

Historical Significance

This is more than just a game; it’s a milestone for Las Vegas, marking its debut as a Super Bowl host. The city, synonymous with entertainment, is gearing up to add its unique flair to the Super Bowl tradition. Expectations are high, with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and local leaders promising an event that encapsulates the spirit and excitement of the city.

super bowl 2024 logo

How Much Does a 2024 Super Bowl Ad Cost?

For the 2024 Super Bowl, the cost of fame and exposure has reached new heights. Securing a 30-second advertising slot during this globally watched event comes with a hefty price tag of $7 million. This figure isn’t just about airtime; it’s an investment in a unique moment of unparalleled attention from millions of viewers. Approximately 200 million viewers — 60% of all people in the United States — watched Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12.

Why Brands Pay Top Dollar

This staggering amount reflects the immense value brands place on Super Bowl commercials. These slots are more than just advertising opportunities; they’re a platform for companies to showcase creativity, launch new products, and make a lasting impact on a vast audience. The commercials often become cultural touchstones, remembered and discussed long after the final whistle.

In this high-stakes advertising arena, the $7 million cost is seen not just as an expenditure but as a strategic investment in brand storytelling, with the potential for significant returns in brand recognition, customer engagement, and even viral fame.

Who is Broadcasting the 2024 Super Bowl?

The Network Behind the Scenes

The network broadcasting Super Bowl LVIII holds the key to how millions will experience both the game and the commercials. With a reputation for innovation in sports broadcasting, the network is expected to leverage the latest technology to bring an immersive experience to viewers worldwide.

TV channels: CBS, Nickelodeon and TelevisaUnivision

Streaming: Paramount+

Mobile: NFL+ or CBS Sports mobile app

A Platform for Advertisers

For advertisers, the choice of broadcaster is crucial as it determines the style and reach of their commercials. The network’s approach to integrating ads into the game’s narrative, digital platforms, and pre-game shows can significantly impact the effectiveness of these high-stakes commercials.

Who’s Performing In The Halftime Show?

For the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show 2024, the renowned artist Usher is the performer set to take the stage. Known for his electrifying stage presence and a string of hit songs, Usher is expected to deliver a spectacular performance that aligns with the energy and excitement of the Super Bowl and the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Usher, a multi-talented performer, has a career spanning over two decades, marked by chart-topping songs, dynamic dance moves, and a charismatic stage presence. His ability to blend genres like R&B, pop, and hip-hop and his reputation for high-energy performances make him an ideal fit for the Super Bowl halftime show, known for its memorable and often groundbreaking performances.

Incorporating Usher’s performance into the larger narrative of the Super Bowl, particularly in a city like Las Vegas, known for its entertainment and flair, promises to add an extra layer of excitement and spectacle to the event. Fans can expect a mix of his classic hits, newer material, possibly special guest appearances, and a production that leverages the latest stage design and technology.

Usher’s halftime show will undoubtedly be a major highlight of Super Bowl LVIII, offering a blend of music, dance, and showmanship that aligns perfectly with the high stakes and glamour of one of the world’s most watched sporting events.

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