Foundation to Combat Antisemitism Super Bowl Ad 2024

, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) presented an evocative message during Super Bowl LVIII that resonated deeply with millions of viewers. The :30 ad, titled “Silence,” featuring the venerable Dr. Clarence B. Jones, captivated audiences and served as a poignant call to action against the backdrop of rising antisemitism and other forms of hate.

Creative Concept and Execution

“Silence” opens with a powerful contemplation by Dr. Jones, a figure synonymous with civil rights and justice, imagining the words he might draft for his friend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in today’s escalating hate. The ad adeptly juxtaposes the darkness of hate, illustrated through distressing visuals of swastikas and toxic social media, against the light of resistance and unity, symbolized by the extinguishing of a candle. This metaphorical representation highlights the ad’s core message—that silence is the breeding ground for hatred—and encourages viewers to become vocal upstanders against hate.

Foundation to Combat Antisemitism Super Bowl Ad 2024
Foundation to Combat Antisemitism Super Bowl Ad 2024 – ‘Silence’ implores viewers to use their voices against all forms of hate.

Star Power: Dr. Clarence B. Jones

Dr. Jones, with his historical legacy as a close advisor to Dr. King, brings an unparalleled depth of authority and authenticity to the message. His involvement elevates the commercial from merely an advertisement to a powerful historical reminder of the enduring fight against hate. His call to action is not just heard; it resonates, urging a collective movement towards justice and equality.

Impact and Effectiveness

The ad’s strategic placement during the Super Bowl—the zenith of American television viewing—ensures its message is amplified to a vast audience. By invoking the legacy of Dr. King and the historical alliance between the Black and Jewish communities, “Silence” bridges cultural and generational gaps, making a compelling case for solidarity against all forms of hate.

The incorporation of the Blue Square symbol, as a beacon of unity against Jewish hate, is a strategic move that visually reinforces FCAS’s mission. It’s a call for viewers to not only reflect on their stance but to actively engage in combating antisemitism and racism.

Cultural and Societal Messages

“Silence” adeptly places Jewish hate within the broader conversation of global hate, emphasizing that the fight against one form of hate strengthens the battle against all forms. The ad’s message transcends religious and racial boundaries, fostering a universal appeal for empathy, understanding, and action.

Pros and Cons


  • The use of a historical and influential figure like Dr. Jones adds significant weight to the message.
  • The creative juxtaposition of darkness and light effectively communicates the ad’s theme.
  • High-impact placement during the Super Bowl ensures wide visibility.


  • The brief duration of the ad may limit the depth of engagement with the complex issues presented.
  • Some viewers might miss the broader appeal, focusing solely on the antisemitism aspect without recognizing the call to combat all forms of hate.

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