NFL Super Bowl ad 2024 – Born to Play

The National Football League (NFL) has once again outdone itself with its latest Super Bowl LVIII campaign, “Born To Play,” captivating audiences worldwide with a stirring narrative that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. This two-minute commercial, unveiled in a prime spot immediately following the Apple Music Halftime Show, is not just a promotional piece; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with dreams, aspirations, and the universal language of football.

The Creative Genius Behind “Born To Play”

Crafted by the renowned agency 72andSunny and brought to life under the direction of Andrew Dosunmu, the commercial is a masterpiece of storytelling and visual appeal. Dosunmu, a native of Lagos, Nigeria, known for his evocative film work and collaboration with icons like Travis Scott, brings a distinctively authentic perspective to the campaign. The decision to shoot the film in Ghana, employing over 90 local crew members and a cast of 400 Ghanaians, adds to the commercial’s genuine feel and spotlights the NFL’s commitment to fostering talent and stories from across the globe.

The Journey of Dreams

The ad’s narrative is as powerful as its production. It opens in a Ghanaian home, where a young boy’s imagination propels him into an exhilarating football match alongside NFL stars such as Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson, Cameron Jordan, and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. This journey through his city to an NFL camp symbolizes the boundless dreams of young athletes worldwide and the NFL’s role in turning those dreams into reality.

NFL Super Bowl ad 2024 - Born to Play
NFL Super Bowl ad 2024 – Born to Play – The streets of Ghana: where dreams of the gridiron take flight

A Message of Inclusion and Opportunity

Tim Ellis, NFL’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Osi Umenyiora, a British-Nigerian former NFL player, and two-time Super Bowl champion, both emphasize the campaign’s core message: the global expansion of American football and the league’s dedication to making it accessible to all. Umenyiora’s involvement is particularly poignant, as his career exemplifies the potential for international athletes in the NFL. His message, “Talent is global but opportunity is not,” resonates deeply, underscoring the league’s efforts to provide pathways for athletes around the world.

A Global Game

The commercial is a reflection of the NFL’s broader goals. With plans to host five regular-season games internationally in 2024, including a groundbreaking game in São Paulo, Brazil, the NFL is setting its sights on a truly global audience. This commitment is mirrored in the league’s international football development programs, which aim to nurture and elevate the game across continents.

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