Super Bowl Ad ft. Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum, a name synonymous with science fiction and unforgettable roles in The Fly and Jurassic Park, has brought his unique charm to the advertising world as Brad Bellflower in‘s latest Super Bowl spot, “Extraterrentrials.” This 30-second commercial, crafted by RPA, dives into a humorous intersection of alien invasion narratives and the universal quest for the perfect rental property. Super Bowl Ad ft. Jeff Goldblum Super Bowl Ad ft. Jeff Goldblum

The Creative Concept: Sci-Fi Meets Real Estate

“Extraterrentrials” plays brilliantly on Goldblum’s sci-fi legacy, mixing it with the mundane reality of apartment hunting. The commercial opens with a scene that could be straight out of a blockbuster alien invasion movie, complete with a tense standoff between humans and aliens. The twist? These extraterrestrials are just looking for a place to stay. Bellflower, as always, bridges the gap between the human and the alien, translating their intergalactic rental needs with his characteristic flair. This unexpected turn leverages Goldblum’s alter ego and cleverly positions as the go-to platform for everyone – earthlings and aliens alike.

Star Power and Humor

Goldblum’s portrayal of Brad Bellflower has become iconic over the past decade, and his performance in “Extraterrentrials” does not disappoint. The ad’s humor – from the initial misunderstanding to the mother-in-law joke – is perfectly on-brand for, providing a light-hearted take on the sometimes stressful experience of finding a new home. The inclusion of a mother-in-law joke, while perhaps a touch cliché, offers a universal chuckle, further humanizing the alien characters and making the commercial more relatable.

Effectiveness and Cultural Impact

By incorporating science fiction elements, the commercial stands out in a crowded advertising space and speaks to a broader cultural fascination with aliens and the unknown. The campaign’s strategic media rollout, including teaser trailers and collaborations with TikTok creators, effectively built anticipation, mirroring a movie release and engaging a young, tech-savvy audience of renters.

Pros and Cons


  • Jeff Goldblum’s unique charm and the clever use of his sci-fi persona.
  • Creative blend of humor and relatability in the concept.
  • Strategic media campaign that generated buzz and effectively targeted the intended audience.


  • Reliance on a somewhat stereotypical mother-in-law joke, which might not resonate with all viewers.
  • The brief format leaves little room for a deeper exploration of the creative concept.

Agency and Cast

The ad was a product of RPA, directed by the talented duo Will Speck and Josh Gordon. Their experience in both film and commercials shines through in the ad’s cinematic quality and tight storytelling. The campaign’s success is also a testament to the strategic thinking of RPA’s media and creative teams, led by figures like Perrin Anderson and Abe Diaz. Super Bowl Advert ft. Jeff Goldblum Super Bowl Advert – Aliens need apartments too! Who knew?

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