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Is star power enough to drive sales?

Verizon has recently unveiled a new advertising campaign for its myPlan, which offers customers a free iPhone 15 Pro when they trade in any iPhone. The ad, featuring Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, co-hosts of the popular podcast SmartLess, aims to convey that upgrading to the latest iPhone is not just possible but incredibly easy with Verizon’s myPlan. This article closely examines this star-studded ad, examining its key messages, effectiveness, and potential impact on consumers.

The Ad’s Narrative

The ad opens with Sean Hayes expressing his desire for a new phone. Ever the savvy consumer, Jason Bateman informs him about Verizon’s myPlan. According to Bateman, customers can trade in any iPhone, regardless of its condition, to get a new iPhone 15 Pro. The ad cleverly uses the duo’s natural chemistry and comedic timing to deliver its message engagingly.

Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes star in the Verizon ad iPhone 15 Pro
Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes star in the Verizon ad iPhone 15 Pro

Creative Execution

The ad is a well-crafted piece of marketing led by creative agency Ogilvy. The setting is casual, making the viewer feel part of a friendly conversation between Bateman and Hayes. The humor is subtle yet effective, making the ad memorable without overshadowing the product it aims to promote.

Effectiveness and Impact

The ad’s timing is impeccable, coinciding with the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 15 Pro. By leveraging the star power of Bateman and Hayes, Verizon aims to attract a broad audience, from tech enthusiasts to everyday consumers. The ad’s straightforward message and engaging delivery make it a strong contender for driving customer engagement and sales.

Sean Hayes stars in the Verizon ad iPhone 15 Pro
Sean Hayes stars in the Verizon ad iPhone 15 Pro

Creative agency: Ogilvy
Production Company: Furlined (directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon)
Editorial: MackCut (editor Gavin Cutler)
VFX: Framestore
Color: CO3 (colorist Tim Masick)
Graphics: Framestore
Mix: Sonic Union
Music: New Math



Star Power and Smart Deals!

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9.8

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