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Guardian Angel on Wheels

BMW has taken a celestial approach to advertising its new BMW i5, featuring five ads portraying the car as a “guardian angel” for its owner. Each ad focuses on a different feature: Proactive Care, Remote Control Parking, Anti-Theft Recorder, Charging with Optimized Routes, and Highway Assistant & Active Lane Change. But does this heavenly metaphor effectively communicate the car’s advanced features? Let’s explore each ad in this divine campaign.

The Concept: Guardian Angels for Every Feature

The campaign cleverly uses a recurring theme of guardian angels discussing their roles and how the BMW i5’s advanced features have outdone them. This consistent narrative across all five ads humanizes the technology, making it relatable to the average consumer.

BMW advert 2023: Remote Control Parking
BMW advert 2023: Remote Control Parking

Thought-Provoking Question: Humanizing Technology

How effective is the “guardian angel” metaphor in making advanced technology relatable to the average consumer?

The Execution: A Symphony of Humor and Innovation

Each ad in the series successfully blends humor with innovation. The celestial setting and guardian angels add a whimsical touch, while each ad focuses on a different feature, from Proactive Care’s predictive functions to Remote Control Parking’s convenience.

Thought-Provoking Question: Feature Focus

Does each ad successfully convey the benefits of its respective feature, or does the humor overshadow the message?

The Message: A Car That Cares

The BMW i5 is portrayed as more than just a car; it’s a proactive guardian angel that takes care of itself and its owner. This emotional angle could be a game-changer in how consumers perceive the brand and its technological advancements.

Thought-Provoking Question: Target Audience

Given the technical jargon in the video descriptions, are these ads aimed at a tech-savvy audience or a broader demographic?

The Angels HQ, a futuristic building with a view of the ocean, in the BMW ads.
The Angels HQ, a futuristic building with a view of the ocean, in the BMW ads.

BMW ads conclusion

BMW’s angelic campaign for the i5 is a masterful blend of humor, metaphor, and advanced technology. Each ad showcases a specific feature and emotionally engages the audience by portraying the car as a guardian angel. While the ads may contain some technical jargon, their core message is universally relatable, making it a standout campaign in the automotive industry.

Viewer Comments: A Mixed Bag of Reactions to BMW’s Angelic Campaign


BMW’s celestial advertising campaign for the i5 has garnered a variety of reactions from viewers. The comments range from praise for the car’s features to criticisms about the brand’s customer service and the ad’s creativity. Let’s explore what the audience has to say about these divine ads.

The Positive: A Heavenly Reception

Several viewers expressed their admiration for the BMW i5 and the campaign itself. Comments like “Fantastic BMW I5 is amazing,” “Amezing car,” and “very beautiful 💗” indicate that the campaign has successfully resonated with a segment of the audience.

The Critical: A Fall from Grace

Not all comments were glowing. One viewer expressed dissatisfaction with BMW’s customer service, stating, “Deveriam era dar respeito aos seus clients!(“They should give respect to their customers!”)” Another comment criticized the ad’s creativity: “A very simple ad that is not creative at all. It did not suit the BMW brand.”

The Neutral: A Middle Ground

Some comments were neither overly positive nor negative but offered a different perspective. One viewer humorously noted, “Looks great for a TAXI🤣,” while another questioned the ad’s relatability, stating, “These ads are starting to feel more and more detached from their true customer base imo.”


The viewer comments on BMW’s angelic i5 campaign present mixed reactions. While some viewers are enamored with the car and the creative approach, others feel that the campaign falls short in various aspects, from customer service to creativity. This divergence in opinions suggests that while the campaign has its merits, there may be room for improvement.

BMW ad 2023: An aerial view of the Guardian Angels HQ.
BMW ad 2023: An aerial view of the Guardian Angels HQ.



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