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Google iPager Ad: A Witty Jab at Apple

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Google is back with another installment of its “Get The Message” campaign, taking a direct jab at Apple’s iMessage service. The ad features a fictional “iPager” gadget, mocking Apple‘s lack of support for the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging protocol. But does this cheeky approach work? Let’s find out.

Memorability: 100/100

Pro: The ad’s satirical take on Apple’s iMessage is instantly memorable.
Con: The ad might be too niche, appealing mainly to tech-savvy audiences.
Pro: The hashtag #GetTheMessage is catchy and could potentially go viral.

Effectiveness: 80/100

Pro: The ad effectively highlights the limitations of iMessage when interacting with Android devices.
Con: The ad may not change Apple’s stance on RCS, making its effectiveness questionable.
Pro: Google’s ad does an excellent job of educating the audience about the benefits of RCS over traditional SMS and MMS.

A Google ad - Apple.
A Google ad – Apple.

Style: 100/100

Pro: The ad’s cheesy, tongue-in-cheek style makes it stand out.
Con: The ad’s style might not resonate with everyone, especially those loyal to Apple.
Pro: The video format is engaging and well-suited for social media sharing.

Humor: 100/100

Pro: The ad’s humor is its strong suit, making it enjoyable to watch.
Con: The humor might be lost on those unfamiliar with the ongoing Google-Apple rivalry.
Con: The ad lacks an emotional hook, focusing solely on humor and satire.

Execution: 100/100

Pro: The ad is well-executed, with clear messaging and high-quality production.
Con: The ad might be preaching to the choir, targeting those who already favor RCS.
Pro: The ad’s timing is strategic, capitalizing on the ongoing discussions about messaging protocols.


The ad features the track “Connected” performed by Stereo MC’s, adding a layer of energy and groove to the overall experience.

Google advert
Google advert

Comparison with Competitor:

Unlike Apple’s more polished and product-focused ads, Google’s ‘iPager’ campaign takes a risk with its satirical tone. While Apple’s ads often aim to evoke a lifestyle or an aspiration, Google’s ad is more aggressive, seeking to stir the pot in the tech community.


Google’s ‘iPager’ ad is a bold move in the ongoing battle between Android and iOS ecosystems. While it scores high on humor and memorability, its effectiveness in changing Apple’s stance on RCS remains to be seen. Overall, it’s an ad that will get people talking, but whether it will get Apple to #GetTheMessage is another question altogether.




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