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It’s Google’s 25th birthday Campaign: A Nostalgic Trip or Just Another Day?

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Google marks its 25th birthday with a special Doodle, It’s Google’s 25th birthday, and a series of surprises in its Search feature. The campaign aims to thank users for their curiosity, which has fueled Google’s progress over the years. But does this celebration do justice to the tech giant’s legacy? Let’s find out.


Pro: The campaign’s nostalgic angle, highlighting Google’s evolution, makes it memorable.
Con: The campaign may not offer anything groundbreaking, making it potentially forgettable.
Pro: The special Doodle and Search surprises add a unique touch to the celebration.


Pro: The campaign effectively engages users by incorporating surprises in Google Search.
Con: The campaign might not resonate with newer users who are not familiar with Google’s history.
Pro: The campaign serves as a reminder of Google‘s impact on everyday life, from business to personal queries.

It's Google's 25th birthday
It’s Google’s 25th birthday


Pro: The campaign maintains Google’s minimalist style while adding celebratory elements.
Con: The style may be too subtle for a milestone as significant as a 25th birthday.
Pro: Using a special Doodle adds a visual appeal to the campaign.

Heart or Humor:

Pro: The campaign taps into the emotional aspect by thanking users for their curiosity.
Con: It lacks a humorous angle, which could have made the campaign more engaging.
Con: The campaign might not evoke strong emotions, as it’s more of a subdued celebration.


Pro: The campaign is well-executed, integrating seamlessly into Google’s existing platform.
Con: It may lack the ‘wow’ factor that users expect from a tech giant like Google.
Pro: The campaign effectively utilizes AI and other technologies to enhance the user experience.

Comparison with Competitor:

Unlike Apple‘s grandiose product launches or Microsoft‘s interactive campaigns, Google’s 25th birthday celebration is more subdued and introspective. It focuses on the user’s role in Google’s journey rather than showcasing new technologies or products.

It’s Google’s 25th birthday campaign conclusion:

Google’s 25th birthday campaign is a mixed bag. While it scores on subtlety and user engagement, it may fall short in grandeur and emotional impact. It’s a campaign that will make you pause and reflect, but whether it will be remembered as a significant milestone is debatable.

Youtube video demonstrating how to make a pineapple cake as part of Google's 25th birthday campaign.
Youtube video demonstrating how to make a pineapple cake as part of Google’s 25th birthday campaign.



It could be better.

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