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In collaboration with Droga5 London, Philips has launched a new advertising campaign called “AirfryBeforeYouBuy.” The Philips ad 2023 – Airfry aims to tackle the issue of food waste by encouraging families to use food from the back of their fridges and transform it into new meals using Philips Airfryer. The 30-second online ad features singing vegetables in a refrigerator, urging the family to use them instead of buying new ones. The ad combines humor with a purpose to change unsustainable behavior and promote a sustainable solution.

A series of pictures showcasing Philips Airfry technology cooking vegetables in a microwave oven.
Funny Philips ad 2023 Airfry


Client: Philips Domestic Appliances
Trix van der Vleuten, Thijs Hoogenboom, Gabi Rutter, Remco Broeckx
Agency Droga5 London
Chief Creative Officer Shelley Smoler
Group Creative Director Matt Hubbard
Creatives Alex Robson, Flo Russell, Ellie Keyes, Chip McCoy
Chief Strategy Officer Damien Le Castrec
Planners Tamara Conyngham, Eloise Sykes, Clemency Beale-Collins
Account Management Josh Morgan, Gabi Dwek, Jamie Roston, Yemi Greene
Agency Producer Peter Montgomery, Manon Reese, James Plaxton
Agency Stills Producer Katerina Gharraph
Head of Design Stephanie McArdle
Designer Liz Bisoux
Photographer Robert Billington
Director Eros Vlahos
Production company MindsEye
Producer Archie Johnston Stewart
Editor Flaura Atkinson at Stitch
Post-production ETC
Composer Andrew Sherman
Artists Butter Music and Sound
Publisher Eagle’s Nest (SESAC)
Sound Design 750mph
DoP Matthew Emvin Taylor

A man and a woman standing in front of a refrigerator featuring the Philips Airfry.
Philips ad 2023 Airfry




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