DoorDash Super Bowl Advert 2024 – Promo code for the giveaway

DoorDash Super Bowl Advert 2024, crafted by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and aired during the fourth quarter of the game, represents an audacious and creative approach to advertising. The commercial promotes DoorDash’s services and embarks on a unique collaborative effort with more than a dozen brands, including a direct competitor, Uber Eats. This review delves into the various facets of the ad, examining its creative concept, execution, and the broader implications of such an innovative marketing strategy.

DoorDash Super Bowl Advert 2024 - Promo code for the giveaway
DoorDash Super Bowl Advert 2024 – Promo code for the giveaway

Creative Concept: A Sweepstakes Unlike Any Other


  • Innovative Engagement: The ad introduces a sweepstakes offering the chance to win every product advertised during the Super Bowl, an ambitious and engaging concept. Including a highly long promo code, which viewers must enter to participate, adds a playful challenge to the mix.
  • Collaboration Across Brands: The sweepstakes’ execution, involving partnerships with more than a dozen brands, exemplifies a collaborative spirit rarely seen in competitive advertising landscapes. It highlights DoorDash’s ability to unite diverse companies, including competitors, in a single campaign, enhancing the brand’s image as a connector in the industry.


  • Complexity for Participants: The complexity and length of the promo code could potentially deter participation. While intended as a playful element, it might frustrate viewers who prefer straightforward engagement methods.

Execution: A Visual and Verbal Journey

The commercial takes viewers on a visual journey through a house brimming with the advertised products, from Popeyes and Dinamita chips to luxury cars and DoorDash delivery bags. Without reciting the promo code, Laurence Fishburne’s narration adds a layer of intrigue, inviting viewers to visit DoorDash’s social media channels for another look at the ad. This strategy cleverly uses social media to boost engagement and repeat exposure to the campaign.

Impact and Effectiveness

Cultural Impact: The ad taps into the Super Bowl’s cultural significance as an advertising juggernaut, positioning DoorDash as a brand that both understands and innovates within this space. By including an Uber Eats gift card in the sweepstakes, DoorDash sends a powerful message about competition and cooperation, challenging traditional notions of brand rivalry.

Overall Effectiveness: The ad’s effectiveness hinges on its ability to engage viewers and encourage participation in the sweepstakes. Its success will be measured by the number of entries, social media buzz, and, ultimately, the impact on DoorDash’s brand perception and market position. The collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy Portland and the participating brands showcases DoorDash’s marketing savvy and commitment to creating memorable consumer experiences.


DoorDash’s Super Bowl ad is a bold exploration of collaborative marketing, interactivity, and brand positioning. By leveraging the Super Bowl’s vast audience and creating a sweepstakes that encapsulates the event’s spirit, DoorDash has positioned itself as a brand that is not only about delivering food but also unique, memorable experiences. This campaign may well set a new standard for how companies approach advertising in high-stakes events, proving that innovation and collaboration can coexist, even among competitors.

Comparison with Other Ads

Compared to traditional Super Bowl ads that rely on star power, humor, or emotional narratives, DoorDash’s approach is refreshingly innovative. It prioritizes viewer engagement and collaboration over spectacle, setting it apart from the typical high-octane commercials seen during the game. This strategy may inspire other brands to explore more interactive and cooperative advertising methods in future Super Bowl events, potentially reshaping the landscape of one of the biggest advertising nights of the year.

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