Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 – Jennifer Aniston

In the glitzy universe of Super Bowl commercials, Uber Eats has thrown down the gauntlet with a star-studded extravaganza that’s as bewildering as brilliant. Imagine a world where Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) meets David Schwimmer (Dr. Ross Geller), doesn’t remember being part of “Friends,” the Beckhams draw a blank on the Spice Girls, Jelly Roll looks at his tattoos with utter confusion, and Usher can’t recall rocking the halftime show. Uber Eats promises almost anything delivered, but at the cost of forgetting something else – a hilarious premise that unfolds in their latest Super Bowl spot.

Update: Including a scene where a man suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts jests about his ignorance of peanuts being in peanut butter, which sparked immediate backlash. This segment, intended to be comedic, was criticized for trivializing the severity of food allergies, leading to a public outcry led by advocacy groups such as Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). See below the original Uber Eats with allergic scene:

FARE’s response highlighted the insensitivity of using life-threatening allergies as a punchline, emphasizing the daily challenges faced by over 33 million Americans living with this condition. The backlash prompted Uber Eats to take swift action, agreeing to remove the contentious scene from the version of the ad to be broadcast during the Super Bowl. Despite this corrective measure, the decision not to edit or remove the already-released online ad version has left some critics unsatisfied.

This incident underscores the importance of sensitivity and awareness in advertising content, especially on platforms as prominent as the Super Bowl. It brings to mind previous advertising missteps, such as Pepsi’s 2017 commercial with Kendall Jenner, which was accused of trivializing social justice movements. Both cases highlight the critical need for brands to vet their content thoroughly for potential insensitivity or misinterpretation. Including a disclaimer in the original ad was a step, albeit insufficient, toward acknowledging the seriousness of peanut allergies. However, the backlash indicates that audiences expect more from brands regarding social responsibility and sensitivity.
As Uber Eats moves forward from this incident, the lesson is clear for all advertisers: the need for a deeper understanding and respect for the diverse experiences of their audience. In the pursuit of memorable advertising, the goal should be to captivate and ensure that humor does not come at the expense of sensitivity and empathy.

Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 - Schwimmer
Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 – David Schwimmer (Dr. Ross Geller from Friends sitcom)


  1. Star Power: The ad leverages an impressive roster of celebrities, ensuring it grabs attention. Aniston and Schwimmer’s nod to “Friends” nostalgia, the Beckhams’ pop culture rewind, Jelly Roll’s tattoo amnesia, and Usher’s post-performance blackout make for unforgettable cameos.
  2. Creative Concept: The idea that you can have almost anything delivered at the expense of your memories is both amusing and memorable. It cleverly highlights Uber Eats’ expansive delivery options while playing with the notion of what we value.
  3. Humor and Heart: The ad’s whimsical approach to memory loss, coupled with the affable confusion of its stars, strikes a perfect balance between humor and warmth, making it relatable and entertaining.
Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 - Jennifer Aniston
Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 – Aniston and Schwimmer look puzzled: The one where she forgot they were Friends.


  1. Confusion Over Message: Some viewers might get so caught up in the celebrity antics that the core message of Uber Eats’ delivery capabilities gets lost in the laughter.
  2. Memorability vs. Effectiveness: While the ad is memorable for its humor and star appeal, its effectiveness in driving home the specific range of products Uber Eats can deliver might be overshadowed by the spectacle.
  3. Risks of Star Overload: Relying heavily on celebrity cameos can sometimes detract from the brand itself, risking the ad being remembered more for its famous faces than for Uber Eats.
Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 beckham
Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial 2024 – The Beckhams’ Spice Girls amnesia: When Wannabe becomes Who-were-we?


Uber Eats’ Super Bowl offering is a delightful romp through celebrity amnesia lane, proving that while you can have almost anything delivered, forgetting those deliveries might just be the hardest part. It’s an ad that delivers laughter, nostalgia, and a side of “Wait, what were we talking about again?”

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