Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial ft Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman

Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman’s Fantastical “Parks and Rec” Reunion: A Mountain Dew Masterpiece

In the effervescent universe of Super Bowl commercials, Mountain Dew’s latest offering is a whimsical whirlwind that reunites Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman in a setting far removed from the parks and recreation departments of Pawnee, Indiana. This time, they’re not managing town hall meetings or crafting woodwork; instead, they’re riding dragons. Yes, you read that right—dragons! Aubrey Plaza, embodying her “America’s sweetheart” persona with a twist of her signature sarcasm, and Nick Offerman, with his stoic charm, make a splash in the fizzy world of Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast ad.

Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial ft Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman
Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial – Aubrey Plaza: America’s sweetheart with a penchant for dragon-riding and soda-sipping


  1. Nostalgic Casting: The reunion of Plaza and Offerman is a stroke of genius, tapping into the “Parks and Recreation” fanbase’s nostalgia. Their chemistry is undeniable, and seeing them in this fantastical setting adds a delightful layer of humor and warmth to the commercial.
  2. Creative Concept: The ad’s premise, showcasing Baja Blast’s availability by having Plaza enjoy the soda in increasingly absurd scenarios, is both humorous and memorable. From children’s parties to alien abductions, the commercial’s creativity shines.
  3. Production Quality: The high-quality visual effects, particularly the dragons, elevate the ad’s appeal. The attention to detail in each scenario—from the sewers to space—demonstrates Mountain Dew’s commitment to creating a visually stunning and engaging commercial.


  1. Potentially Confusing Message: With so much focus on the comedic and surreal elements, the actual product—Mountain Dew Baja Blast—might get lost in the spectacle. Viewers could be so entertained by the antics that they forget the drink itself.
  2. Niche Appeal: While fans of “Parks and Recreation” will undoubtedly appreciate the reunion, those unfamiliar with the show might not connect as deeply with the commercial’s humor or its stars.
  3. Overwhelming Pace: The rapid succession of bizarre scenarios might be too much for some viewers, potentially overshadowing the ad’s core message about the soda’s versatility and enjoyment in any situation.
Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman’s dragon: the only creature capable of out-cooling Ron Swanson.

Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast commercial is a fantastical fever dream that expertly blends humor, nostalgia, and high-flying dragons. While it occasionally risks soaring too high on the wings of its own creativity, potentially losing sight of its carbonated cargo, it’s a joyous journey through the absurd. Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman’s reunion is the cherry on top of this effervescent escapade, making it a blast from start to finish.

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