NERDS Super Bowl ad 2024 – Addison Rae

Dancing into Hearts: NERDS’ Super Bowl Blitz with Addison Rae and the Debut of NERDS Gummy!

In a colorful explosion of crunchy and gummy goodness, NERDS makes a memorable leap into the Big Game arena, introducing a delightful new character, NERDS Gummy, and enlisting the charm of Addison Rae to create an advertisement that’s as sweet and vibrant as the candy it celebrates. In its 40-year history, this marks a first for NERDS and Ferrara, spotlighting the NERDS Gummy Clusters with a blend of nostalgia, dance, and a dash of Hollywood glam. Let’s dive into the sugar-coated spectacle that aims to “unleash your senses” and dissect what makes this ad a treat for the eyes and ears, while also scrutinizing areas where it could have been just a tad sweeter.

Addison Rae stars in NERDS Gummy Clusters Super Bowl advert
A scene-stealing moment: NERDS Gummy recreates the iconic ‘Flashdance’ splash.
  1. Nostalgic Choreography: Leveraging the iconic “Flashdance” scene and song, “Flashdance… What a Feeling,” the NERDS Gummy character’s dance moves provide a delightful homage that resonates across generations. This creative choice not only garners attention but also wraps the ad in a warm, nostalgic embrace that’s hard to resist.
  2. Addison Rae’s Dynamic Presence: Casting Addison Rae, a modern-day dance icon and social media sensation, adds a contemporary flair to the ad. Her genuine enthusiasm for NERDS Gummy Clusters and her seamless integration into the narrative enhances the ad’s appeal, connecting with younger audiences and dance enthusiasts alike.
  3. Vibrant Visuals and Sound: The ad’s bright, energetic colors and catchy soundtrack create an engaging multisensorial experience that captures the essence of NERDS – fun, playful, and a little quirky. The visual feast and upbeat music keep viewers hooked, showcasing the candy’s unique texture combination.
Addison Rae stars in NERDS Gummy Clusters Super Bowl advert
Addison Rae stars in NERDS Gummy Clusters Super Bowl advert


  1. Overreliance on Celebrity: While Addison Rae’s participation brings star power, there’s a risk of overshadowing the product itself. Viewers might focus more on Rae’s involvement than on the NERDS Gummy Clusters, potentially diluting the product’s spotlight.
  2. Complex Message: The ad’s ambitious attempt to combine nostalgia, celebrity endorsement, and product introduction may lead to a crowded message. Some viewers might find the blend of elements distracting, making it harder to grasp the ad’s core message – the unique appeal of NERDS Gummy Clusters.
  3. Missed Opportunity for Storytelling: While the ad is visually stunning, it could have further explored the narrative potential of the NERDS Gummy character’s journey. A deeper story might have created a stronger emotional connection with the audience, beyond the initial visual and auditory appeal.


“Dancing into the spotlight with a splash of neon and a sprinkle of star power, NERDS’ Big Game debut twirls between genius and sugar rush. With Addison Rae leading the conga line, this ad is a vibrant, foot-tapping invitation to unleash our senses into the world of crunchy meets gummy. It’s like watching a candy-coated “Flashdance” reboot, where the water bucket is filled with NERDS Gummy Clusters. While it might dance on the fine line between dazzling and dizzying, it’s a spectacle that’s hard to forget – especially if you’re craving something sweet.”

I was so excited when I got the call to be part of such a huge moment for my favorite candy. NERDS Gummy Clusters is my go-to snack – whether I’m in the studio, on the dance floor, on set, or just relaxing at home,” said Addison Rae. “Flashdance” just so happens to be my all-time favorite movie, and it really resonates with me as I turned my love of dance into a career – and this time, I was able to use my background in dance to head to the Big Game with one of the most beloved brands. This is a dream come true. If you haven’t tried NERDS Gummy Clusters yet – RUN!”

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