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Haribo’s Huddle of Humor: A Super Bowl Season Special

As the Super Bowl 2024 descends upon us, Haribo has ingeniously intercepted the moment with its latest commercial endeavor, “Football,” under the beloved ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign. This ad, infusing an American twist into Haribo’s decade-long creative saga, leverages the power of childlike wonder to capture viewers’ hearts, reaffirming the brand’s mastery in blending simplicity with sheer joy. Quiet Storm, the brains behind the ‘Kids Voices’ campaign, has once again demonstrated its prowess with “Football.” Like its “Boardroom” and “Library” predecessors, this iteration plays the familiar yet ever-enchanting trick of dubbing adults with children’s voices, this time in a sporty, football-ready context. Despite its ten-year run, the agency’s consistent innovation keeps the campaign fresh and relevant.

football funny Haribo kids voices
When the game’s on the line, Haribo calls the sweetest play of all.

By capitalizing on Super Bowl fever, Haribo not only garners immediate attention but also cements its place in cultural moments, enhancing brand recall. While the ‘Kids Voices’ campaign is beloved, keeping the concept fresh and engaging amidst its success and longevity is an ongoing challenge.


Haribo’s “Football” commercial is a clever play in the advertising league, marrying the excitement of the Super Bowl with the timeless charm of the ‘Kids Voices’ campaign. This strategic, heartfelt effort showcases Haribo’s commitment to capturing moments of joy and reaffirms the brand’s position as a purveyor of happiness in every gummy bear.



Thanks to kids' voices, scores high on humor.

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  1. I hate that Haribo goldbears commercial where football players are talking in little kid voices! It makes fun of people.

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