Extended e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl ad 2024 ft. Judge Judy Sheindlin

Order in the e.l.f. Court: A Daring Dive into Beauty’s Judicial Jamboree

As the advertising world gears up for the biggest stage of them all, e.l.f. Cosmetics delivers a playful punch to the conventional beauty courtroom with its “Judge Beauty” campaign. The e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl ad 2024 promises to marry the worlds of beauty, entertainment, and inclusivity under the gavel of none other than Judge Judy Sheindlin. With a premise as bold as its product lineup, e.l.f. crafts a narrative that beauty, much like justice, is for everyone.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl advert 2024
Verdict delivered: High-quality makeup doesn’t have to break the bank


  1. Star-Studded Cast: The campaign courts attention with a star-studded lineup, featuring the iconic Judge Judy Sheindlin, alongside beloved actors from “Suits” and a cameo from Grammy Award-winning Meghan Trainor. This diverse ensemble not only elevates the ad’s appeal but firmly states that e.l.f.’s beauty court is in session for all.
  2. Humorous Concept: The judicial theme offers a refreshing take on the beauty industry’s norms. With a courtroom drama unfolding over the value of makeup, e.l.f. cleverly objects to overpriced cosmetics, making a case for its affordable yet high-quality products. This narrative is a clever blend of satire and brand messaging, proving that e.l.f. is not afraid to challenge the status quo with a smile.
  3. Product Integration: The spotlight on e.l.f.’s Halo Glow Liquid Filter not only showcases the product’s appeal but does so in a context that’s memorable and engaging. The claim of selling one unit every four seconds is a testament to its popularity, making it a compelling hero product for the campaign.


  1. Complexity for Some Viewers: The intricate plot, while entertaining, might confuse some viewers unfamiliar with the referenced TV shows or the broader context of the beauty industry’s pricing debates.
  2. Niche Humor: The legal jargon and courtroom antics, though humorous, may not land with all segments of the Big Game’s diverse audience. The ad’s wit and satire are tailored to a particular viewer, possibly limiting its universal appeal.


In a court of beauty, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ “Judge Beauty” campaign is a bold, brash, and brilliantly funny contender. It’s a clever critique of the beauty industry’s norms, packaged in an engaging narrative that champions affordability and inclusivity. However, like any court case, it faces its challenges in striking the perfect balance between entertainment and product focus. Still, with a verdict this engaging, who wouldn’t want to be part of the jury?

elf Cosmetics Super Bowl ad 2024
From courtroom to beauty room: Judge Judy rules.

The creative premise behind ‘Judge Beauty’ was inspired by a basic brand truth: e.l.f. would never judge a person’s beauty, but it does object—and loudly—to obsolete industry norms, like the idea you have to spend a fortune for great quality,” shared Brian Vaughan, Executive Creative Director and Partner, SHADOW. “We brought that simple but sincere kernel to life through an unconventional casting approach, a script dripping in satire, and, as always, the community-driven product insights that consistently anchor our work with e.l.f.”

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