Pringles Super Bowl ad 2023 ft Meghan Trainor

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Pringles Super Bowl ad 2023, “The Best of Us,” is a sequel to the last year’s spot, “Pringles Stuck In.”

Since the creation of Pringles, fans have long embraced that getting your hand “stuck in” is just part of the delicious experience; that’s why for Pringles’ Big Game return, we’re on a mission to celebrate anyone who has gotten stuck in a Pringles can and make them feel seen and heard.

Created by the advertising agency Grey Group, the Pringles 2023 commercial features Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, television personality, and TikTok sensation Meghan Trainor.

Pringles Super Bowl 2023 ft Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor stars in the Pringles Super Bowl 2023

Pringles “The Best of Us” showcases individuals who are the best at what they do – across all walks of life – who get their hands stuck in a Pringles can and continue to thrive. From surgeons to professional bowlers, even superstar Meghan Trainor (featured with her real-life dog Roo) can’t resist the “worth-it” risk of getting stuck in for that last delicious crisp.

I’m a longtime Pringles fan, and the hilarity of getting ‘stuck in’ is real,” said Meghan Trainor. “I’m pumped to make my Big Game debut with Pringles, and I want to encourage fans everywhere to reach in deep for that last irresistible crisp and show us what they do best when #StuckInPringles.

Pringles Super Bowl 2023 celebrates anyone who has gotten stuck in a Pringles can.




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