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A unique holiday perspective.

It’s that time of the year when the air is filled with the scent of pine trees, the sound of jingle bells, and the warm glow of festive lights. But amidst this holiday cheer, AXA, in its first-ever Christmas campaign, takes a unique approach to remind us of safety. Developed by Publicis Conseil and directed by the talented Max Fisher of La Pac, this campaign blends holiday spirit and a thoughtful nudge towards caution. Let’s unwrap this holiday package and see what AXA has gifted us this festive season!

AXA A Holiday Break Like No Other
When holiday ornaments meet safety protocols – AXA’s quirky collection!

  1. Heartfelt Tribute to Emergency Workers: The ad brilliantly shifts the spotlight to the unsung heroes of the holiday season – doctors, nurses, firefighters, and more, showcasing them in a rare moment of pause. This poignant angle not only underlines the importance of safety but also pays homage to these vital community members.
  2. Creative Twist on Tradition: Using a remake of ‘Silent Night’ by Andrew Delong sets a familiar yet fresh holiday mood. This creative choice resonates with the audience, blending the traditional with the contemporary.
  3. Humorous Touch: The ‘Safe holiday collection’ – a series of holiday-themed objects designed to be accident-proof, albeit impractically, adds a light-hearted, almost whimsical layer to the campaign. It’s a clever way to deliver a serious message with a smile.
AXA A Holiday Break Like No Other commercial
Emergency workers enjoying a rare holiday break – a sight as rare as a silent night!
  1. Potential Mixed Messaging: The humor, while refreshing, might dilute the critical message of safety, potentially confusing the audience about the campaign’s primary focus.
  2. Limited Appeal: Focusing on emergency workers and accident prevention might not have universal appeal, possibly alienating audiences looking for more traditional festive advertising.
  3. Niche Digital Activation: The ‘Safe holiday collection,’ while innovative, might be too niche or abstract for some, reducing its overall impact and memorability.

AXA’s Christmas campaign is like finding a safety manual wrapped in holiday lights – unexpected, slightly quirky, but undeniably thoughtful. It’s a festive reminder that sometimes the best gift is the one you never need to use.

  • Memorable (80/100): The unique focus on emergency workers during the holidays is memorable, but it might not have the ‘stickiness’ of more traditional festive ads.
  • Effective (75/100): It delivers its message, though the humor might divert some attention away from the seriousness of accident prevention.
  • Style (85/100): The ad’s style is a tasteful blend of holiday cheer and solemn respect, wrapped up with a bow of humor.
  • Heart/Humor (90/100): It strikes a delicate balance between heartwarming tribute and lightheartedness, making the message both touching and amusing.
  • Execution (80/100): Solid execution with a slight risk of the humor overshadowing the crucial message.
AXA A Holiday Break Like No Other ad
From fire trucks to festive lights: A unique holiday perspective.



The focus on emergency workers during the holidays is memorable

Heart or Humor9.0
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