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AXA UK ad 2023 Making Tomorrow’s Promise Today

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AXA UK has unveiled its campaign, “Future You will Thank You,” emphasizing the long-term benefits of securing insurance today. This campaign, developed by Fallon UK, a segment of Leo Burnett, encapsulates the essence of insurance: a present-day decision that future you will be grateful for.

AXA UK ad 2023 Core Message

The campaign’s central theme revolves around the idea that insurance, while purchased in the present, truly benefits individuals in the future. It’s a safety net, ensuring that when life throws curveballs, you’re prepared. This message resonates across AXA UK’s diverse insurance offerings, including motor, home, business, and health.

The Hero Film

The campaign’s primary 30-second film, crafted by Pulse, introduces viewers to a man making the wise decision to opt for AXA Insurance. As he finalizes his choice, we’re presented with various future versions of him, each expressing gratitude for his foresight. These future iterations represent different scenarios tied to AXA UK’s insurance offerings. It opens with the calming, recognizable voice of comedian Ivan Battaliero-Owen (Ogmios Zen), who states: “AXA Insurance… good choice”, as a man takes out an insurance policy with AXA UK. We see the ‘future’ version of the man applauding his decision. We then see several more ‘future’ versions thanking him. Each scenario relates to AXA UK’s home, car, business, and health insurance offerings. The film culminates in a heartwarming scene where all the future versions come together in a group hug, symbolizing the collective relief and gratitude for the man’s decision.

Channel 4 Collaboration

A standout feature of this campaign is AXA UK’s media partnership with Channel 4, orchestrated by Starcom. This collaboration has led to the creating of contextual ads that align with the “Future You will thank you” theme. These ads spotlight Channel 4 celebrities, including George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas, and Jason Fox, as they reflect on their career choices and the paths that led them to success. These narratives underscore the campaign’s message: our decisions today have a lasting impact on our future selves.

A group of men hugging in front of a blue background for AXA UK.
AXA UK advert 2023

Feedback from the Collaborators

Barney Bailey, Brand & Sponsorship Director at AXA UK, emphasized the campaign’s objective to raise awareness about AXA UK’s comprehensive insurance offerings. Graham Lakeland, Creative Director at Fallon UK, highlighted the campaign’s intent to create a memorable and enjoyable platform for AXA UK. Sacha Feldman, Partnerships Director at Starcom UK, praised the collaboration with Channel 4, noting its potential to reach new audiences and enhance brand recognition. Angus Mitchell from Channel 4 expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its ability to amplify the campaign’s launch.


AXA UK’s “Future You will thank you” campaign is a refreshing take on insurance advertising. By focusing on the long-term benefits and integrating relatable scenarios, the campaign successfully communicates the importance of making wise insurance decisions today. The collaboration with Channel 4 further amplifies this message, making it a standout campaign in the insurance sector.


  • Innovative Approach: The campaign offers a fresh perspective on insurance, focusing on future benefits rather than immediate gains.
  • Celebrity Collaboration: Partnering with Channel 4 and featuring renowned personalities adds credibility and attracts a broader audience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The campaign effectively highlights AXA UK’s diverse insurance offerings, from the motor to health, ensuring a broad appeal.


  • Niche Audience: The collaboration with Channel 4 might cater more to a UK-centric audience, potentially limiting global reach.
  • Complex Narrative: Multiple future versions of the protagonist might confuse some viewers, diluting the core message.
  • High Expectations: Given the campaign’s innovative approach, there’s a risk of not meeting audience expectations, especially if they’ve experienced AXA’s services differently.



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