Buon Appetito with Plastic Fischer

“Buon Appetito”: A Wake-Up Call on Marine Plastic Pollution

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In a world of advertisements, only a few manage to strike a chord and drive a powerful message home. Plastic Fischer’s “Buon Appetito” campaign does more than entertain; it educates and calls for action.

The Setting and the Story

Hans and Sabine, the central characters, are searching for the most genuine restaurant experience during their Mediterranean trip. Having been lured into tourist traps before, they are hopeful when they find a restaurant bustling with locals. Their anticipation is palpable, but what awaits them is a twist served by a rather snippy waiter.

A Reflection of Reality

The ad brilliantly captures the essence of modern-day tourism, where travelers often find themselves caught between their desire for authenticity and the reality of commercialized experiences. The humor lies in the unexpected, making the viewer empathize with Hans and Sabine and chuckle at the unforeseen events.

The Underlying Message

While Hans and Sabine’s quest for an authentic Mediterranean dining experience forms the narrative’s surface, the more profound message is about the pervasive issue of marine plastic pollution. The unexpected twist served by the waiter isn’t just a humorous plot device; it’s a stark reminder of the plastic menace that lurks in our oceans.

Collaboration for a Cause

This impactful campaign results from a collaboration between Plastic Fischer and @FilmakademieBW, with sponsorship from @Allianz. The primary objective? To raise awareness about the devastating consequences of marine plastic pollution.

Taking Action

But awareness is just the first step. Plastic Fischer is on a mission to combat ocean plastic pollution actively. By supporting their operations, individuals and organizations can contribute to collecting kilograms and tons of river plastic. This initiative cleans up the environment and provides full-time employment opportunities for locals in India and Indonesia. These individuals are trained to ensure that the collected plastic is processed correctly, preventing it from ending up in landfills or returning to the environment.

Buon Appetito": A thought-provoking exploration of marine plastic pollution through the lens of two people sitting at a table with plates of food.
Buon Appetito”: A thought-provoking exploration of marine plastic pollution through the lens of two people sitting at a table with plates of food.

A Sustainable Future

The campaign underscores the importance of collective responsibility. While the commercial entertains, it also serves as a call to action. Supporting initiatives like Plastic Fischer can ensure a cleaner, plastic-free environment for future generations.

Behind the Scenes

The “Buon Appetito” campaign was launched in Germany in August 2023. It’s a brainchild of the ad agency potvis for the brand Plastic Fischer. The film medium campaign is associated with the Public Interest NGO industry.

The cast brings the story to life, with Eva Kammigan and Michael Specht playing Sabine and Hans, respectively. Amedeo Gonnella and Fariborz Rahnama add flavor to the narrative as Alessandro and Francesco.

A woman is smiling at a table in a restaurant, emphasizing the wake-up call on marine plastic pollution.
Eva Kammigan as Sabine

The crew, led by director Pascal Momper, showcases a blend of seasoned professionals and fresh talent. The cinematography by Benedict Uphof captures the Mediterranean ambiance perfectly, while the editing by Lukas Wengorz ensures the story flows seamlessly.

A Collective Effort

The extensive list of extras and the special thanks section highlight the collaborative nature of the project. Many hands and minds came together, from the Jugenstiftung Baden-Württemberg to the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH to make this ad a reality.

A man with glasses sitting at a table in a restaurant, reflecting on the marine plastic pollution crisis.
Michael Specht as Hans


“Buon Appetito” is more than just a commercial; it’s a movement. Collaborating with partners and sponsors, Plastic Fischer is leading the charge against marine plastic pollution, emphasizing that the solution lies in collective action and sustainable practices.


  • Powerful Message: The ad seamlessly integrates entertainment with a crucial environmental message, making it both engaging and enlightening.
  • Collaborative Effort: The partnership with @FilmakademieBW and sponsorship from @Allianz amplify the campaign’s reach and impact.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Beyond raising awareness, the campaign promotes actionable solutions, such as providing employment opportunities in India and Indonesia to combat plastic pollution.


  • Subtle Narrative: The underlying message about marine plastic pollution might be too subtle for some viewers, potentially missing the mark with specific audiences.
A man in a white shirt is staring at the camera, delivering a wake-up call on marine plastic pollution.
Snippy waiter


CLIENT: Plastic Fischer
AGENCY: potvis
CAST: Sabine: Eva Kammigan 
Hans: Michael Specht 
Alessandro (Kellner): Amedeo Gonnella 
Francesco (Koch): Fariborz Rahnama 

Regie: Pascal Momper 
Producerin: Caroline Lara Klatt 
Producer: Julius Wieler 
Producerin: Helena Zeppenfeldt 
Produktionsleitung: Bianca Beer 
Assistenz der Set-AL: Sebastian Strauch
Idea & Concept: Pascal Momper
Additional Concept: Luca Priestersbach 
Drehbuch: Serdar Gencol 
1st AD: Maxi Antonia Stumpp 
Script Continuity: Vanessa Stachel 
Crowd AD: Jona Menuet 
DoP: Benedict Uphof 
1st AC: Dennis Banemann 
2nd AC: Jona Riese 
Techno Crane Operator: Simon Recker 
BTS Videographer: Julia Hänel 
BTS Photographer: Yanick Schweitzer 
Oberbeleuchter: Shervin Moallem 
Best Girl :Clarissa Gora 
Beleuchter: Vincent Bontjes van Beek 
Beleuchter: Julián Guerra Duque 
Set-Ton: Jan Heitland 
Mischung / Sound Design: Moritz Peter 
Filmmusik: Kilian Oser 
Maske: Marisa Schamal 
Kostüm: Malena Jaiser 
Kostüm-AS: Sabina Stöckler 
Kostüm-AS: Maxine Kränzler 
Szenenbild: Felicitas Püls 
Szenenbild: Martha Brenner 
Bauhilfe: Jakob Kössler 
Bauhilfe: Antje Brenner 
Food Stylist: Laurent Overmans 
Editor: Lukas Wengorz 
Colorist: Aljoscha Hoffmann 
Film Lab: Cinelab London 
Motion Design: Vanessa Stachel 
VFX-Artist: Lutz Gottschalk 
VFX-Supervisor: Julian Dünser 

Jessica Lissok 
Marco Spanier 
Charlotte Maier 
Neomisia Dantas 
Jürgen Höfle 
Tobias Kegler 
Andreas Ensslen 
Gudrun Faschian 
Carola Thiel 
Karin Nägele 
Annika Aichele 
Luzia Bergmeister 
Yapác Manuel Kunze 
Valentin Chabert-Somparé 
Robin Seifert 
Sascha Zeller 
Jan Ehrmann 
Wiebke Werther 
Lara Carrà 


Jugenstiftung Baden-Württemberg, Günther Bressau 
Gasthaus Krone Alt Hoheneck, Marcus Fetzer 
Superglas, Philipp Höbel 
Stuttgarter Hofbräu 
MSB Films, Marco Henn 
Stadt Ludwigsburg, Serkan Kulmac 
FTA München 
Peter Kuczinski 
Michael Rösel 
Niklas Straub 
Sebastian Ganschow 
Komfort Hotel Ludwigsburg 
Bergamo Hotel Ludwigsburg 
Maximillian Gebhardt 
Luca Priestersbach 
Jörn Wilhelm 
Hans Peter Momper 
Waleria Kranich 
Bernd T. Hoefflin 
Vincent Thomessen 
Luca Merkle 

Eine Produktion der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH



Good cause.

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