He Gets Us Super Bowl Ad 2024 – Jesus – Foot Washing

The He Gets Us campaign is returning to the Super Bowl with its “Foot Washing” commercial, which signifies a continued commitment to delivering profound, spiritually resonant messages on one of the world’s largest advertising stages. This choice to showcase an advert centered on humility and service during the Super Bowl, an event known for its extravagance and high-energy entertainment, is bold and counter-cultural.

With two spots in this year’s biggest professional football game, He Gets Us wanted to ensure that its 15-second commercial, “Who Is My Neighbor,” built on the concept presented in the 60-second commercial, “Foot Washing.”

Reflecting on their previous Super Bowl appearance, it’s clear that He Gets Us is carving out a niche for thought-provoking, emotionally charged content that diverges from the typical Super Bowl fare of humor, celebrities, and spectacle. This strategy not only distinguishes the campaign from others but also targets a specific audience segment seeking deeper meaning and connection in a setting often dominated by commercialism.

He Gets Us Super Bowl Ad 2024 - Jesus
He Gets Us Super Bowl Ad 2024 – A moment of humility in a time of glory: The ‘Foot Washing’ ad by He Gets Us.

The “Foot Washing” advert’s placement in the Super Bowl lineup could amplify its message to a vast audience, offering a moment of introspection amid the event’s festivities. Comparing this approach to last year’s, He Gets Us is intent on leveraging the Super Bowl’s vast viewership to promote themes of love, humility, and unity—values that resonate with many viewers beyond just the commercial’s intended religious audience.

Such a strategy’s effectiveness lies in its contrast to the typical Super Bowl commercial. While most ads aim to entertain or impress with technological marvels, star power, or comedic elements, He Gets Us focuses on the heart and spirit, inviting viewers to reflect on personal and societal values. This approach can create a memorable impact, as it contrasts sharply with the expectations for Super Bowl commercials, thereby standing out in the crowded advertising space.

However, the challenge for He Gets Us will be to ensure that its message is accessible and engaging for a diverse Super Bowl audience, which includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. Their ability to convey a universally appealing message through a specific religious act will be crucial to their success.

He Gets Us‘s unique approach to Super Bowl advertising, focusing on spiritual and emotional depth, sets them apart from other advertisers and demonstrates the power of using this platform to convey messages of universal importance.

He Gets Us said: “We felt that if we were going to encourage others to love their neighbors, then we should provide some insight into whom that word includes, and while there are some surface-level observations as to who those people might be, we thought it would be best to explore how Jesus defined neighbors through his actions. His belief was simple and unfiltered — everyone is a neighbor. Everyone in every sense of the word, not just the people in our orbit whom we have something in common with but also the ones we don’t notice, the people we don’t value, and those we don’t welcome. Admittedly, noticing people who aren’t loved ones or a part of our day-to-day life isn’t always top of mind. In a world that often feels more digital than tangible, it’s no secret that our ability to connect with each other is duller than it used to be. Not to mention, our attention at any given moment is being pulled into what feels like infinite directions.

In a very different way, Jesus faced similar challenges. Sure, he didn’t have the distraction of a smartphone, but he was a popular guy who drew crowds. People sought his attention, yet he took time to give his to those who never got any. He noticed ill-stricken people with leprosy and comforted them. These were people who were ignored by everyone else, yet he displayed neighborly love toward them. We thought about the people we don’t notice in our own lives walking down the street, in the aisle at the grocery store, or even those living next door to us. Jesus’ example served as a simple yet powerful reminder that he put the “every” in everyone, so we wanted to create work that did the same.

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