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JESUS Super Bowl Commercials 2023 He Gets Us

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‘He Gets Us,’ JESUS Super Bowl Commercials 2023, sparked a lot of discussions and contradictory comments. The appearance of such an ad at the super bowl was at least unusual and unexpected. People don’t take well to joining religions with marketing. There have been many cases in the past with controversial advertisements.

Jesus didn’t want us to act like adults,” said the ad.

There were two ads: Be Childlike and Love Your Enemies

JESUS Super Bowl Commercials 2023 He Gets Us
JESUS Super Bowl Commercials 2023 He Gets Us

Be Childlike commercial has the message: “Back in Jesus’ day, children weren’t regarded the same way they are today. This made his teachings around the value of being childlike countercultural. Jesus taught, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” And he lived it out — childlike in humility, compassion, and gentleness. What can we learn from his example today?

Love Your Enemies commercial has the message: “We see conflict all around us. We align ourselves on different sides of the fight in battles of politics, religion, justice, and too often, we let that conflict morph from a dignified defense of something good into a dehumanizing attack on the people we don’t agree with. It’s tearing us apart.
But Jesus offered us an alternative as an example — and his solution wasn’t to grow apathetic and avoid the conflict altogether. He showed us something else entirely, a third way. His response to the ever-increasing volume of hate and conflict was love. Not just any love — confounding, sacrificial, selfless love. You see, Jesus still stood up for what he believed in. He defended the defenseless, spoke up on behalf of the voiceless, even flipped a few tables, but in everything he did, he first moved with love toward the people he disagreed with. What if we tried to love our enemies the way Jesus loved his? How would it change the tenor of our conflicts and our conversations?



It could be way better executed.

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