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Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial 2023 ft Ben Affleck – full

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A prankvertising

The Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial 2023 features Ben Affleck working behind the counter and treating his fellow patrons. Watch the full video to see Ben Affleck donning a Dunkin’ uniform and working the drive-through of our Dunkin’ restaurant in Medford, MA.

As guests placed their orders to fuel up for their day, Ben shared one of our latest offers to hit the menu – the Dunkin’ Run, where guests can get a $1 classic donut with any medium or larger coffee. While working his “shift,” Ben even takes a surprise order from his wife, Jennifer Lopez, when she asks, “Grab me a glazed!

Affleck’s long-standing love for Dunkin’ started when he was a kid in Massachusetts. Like many Dunkin’ diehards, growing up with the brand made him a lifelong fan. So much so that he took a morning shift to share the love and serve real Dunkin’ guests in this commercial.

Dunkin Super Bowl commercial 2023 ft Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck stars in the Dunkin Super Bowl commercial 2023

Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial 2023 conclusions

It is a well-done prankvertising, but we don’t learn much about Dunkin”s benefits or services from the commercial. Therefore, the ad loses points for “effectiveness.”


  • Ben Affleck is well chosen for this advertisement
  • Ben plays naturally, and he is funny
  • Made in “prank” style, the commercial is pleasant—even several times.


  • We don’t learn anything about Dunkin’ products and services from the ad



Good use of celebrities in an advert.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 5.7

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