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Get ready for the future of Prius

Toyota has just unveiled its latest ad campaign for the all-new 2023 Prius, presenting the beloved hybrid vehicle in a playful and captivating light. With just weeks to go before the 2023 Prius and Prius Prime become available for purchase, the automaker aims to steal the hearts of hybrid vehicle enthusiasts with its new marketing initiative.

The “This is Prius Now” campaign features five unique spots, each showcasing the 2023 Prius and Prius Prime, set to hit dealerships in May. A collaboration between several creative agencies, the campaign finds harmony in its focus on the new models’ refreshed design, performance, and high-tech features.

Lisa Materazzo, group vice president of Toyota marketing at Toyota Motor North America, said in a statement that the campaign highlights the transformed Prius in an entirely new light. She added that the all-new Prius and Prius Prime’s styling, performance, and high-tech features would redefine customer expectations for the Prius brand.

Toyota Prius ads 2023
Toyota Prius ad: Black Sheep

Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi developed two spots for the campaign: “Black Sheep” and “Shadow.” Directed by Rich Lee of Framestore Pictures, “Black Sheep” playfully contrasts the sleek look of a black Toyota Prius with an unexpected urban sighting—a herd of white sheep. The ad is set to the energetic tune “Rocking Horse” by The Dead Weather, adding an extra layer of excitement and memorability to the visuals. The second spot, “Shadow,” features a crimson Prius engaging in a high-speed chase with its own shadow, allowing the vehicle’s design and features to take center stage.

Conill Advertising contributed another playful spot to the lineup called “Buzz.” Directed by Alan Masferrer, the ad follows passersby who spot the new Prius on the street, creating a buzz as photos of the car are shared from phone to phone.

Toyota Prius ad buzz
Toyota Prius ad buzz

InterTrend Communications developed the final two ads, “Reborn” and “Exhilarating,” with director Brendan Vaughan at the helm. In “Reborn,” a Prius serves as the muse for an artist, while “Exhilarating” sees the car becoming a source of inspiration for a DJ.

 toyota ads reborn 2023 Prius
Toyota ad Reborn – Prius

This playful and captivating campaign is set to redefine what consumers think, feel, and expect from the Prius brand, as Toyota eagerly anticipates the launch of the 2023 Prius and Prius Prime in May.


  • Engaging and Memorable: The playful nature of the ads captures the audience’s attention and makes the campaign memorable. The creative use of visuals and scenarios helps to create a lasting impression, generating buzz and interest in the 2023 Prius.
  • Emphasis on New Features: The ads effectively showcase the new design, performance, and high-tech features of the 2023 Prius and Prius Prime. By highlighting these improvements, the campaign piques the curiosity of potential buyers and encourages them to consider the latest models.
  • Broad Appeal: The variety of scenarios presented in the ads cater to a wide range of interests and lifestyles. From urban dwellers to artists and DJs, the campaign demonstrates that the 2023 Prius can be a suitable and exciting choice for different types of consumers.


  • Limited Focus on Environmental Benefits: While the Prius is known for its eco-friendliness, the ads do not explicitly emphasize the environmental benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle. This may be a missed opportunity to attract environmentally conscious consumers further.
  • Potential Overload: With five different ads in the campaign, there is a risk of overwhelming the audience or diluting the overall message. Some viewers might find it difficult to remember specific details or key takeaways from the ads due to the variety of themes and visuals.
  • Reliance on Playfulness: The campaign’s playful tone may not resonate with all consumers, particularly those who prioritize practicality and seriousness when considering a new vehicle. The lighthearted approach might not be as effective in appealing to customers seeking a more traditional or conservative car-buying experience.

We have to add the Paparazzi ad.


Saatchi & Saatchi
Chief Creative Officer Jason Schragger
Executive Creative Director John Payne
Creative Director Kevin Samuels
ACD Art Director Andrew Reizuch
Senior Copywriter Scott Ellman
Chief Production Officer Lalita Koehler
Group Director of Content Production Dogan Dattilo
Director of Content Production Pamela Parsons
Senior Producer Aileen Baliat
Associate Producer Camden Marco
Music Coordinator Tanisha Edwards
Agency Communications Director Paula Adams
Managing Director Al Reid
Management Director Erica Baker
Senior Client Partner Bryan DeSena
Client Partner Sophie Turner
Client Partnership Sup. Madison Scott
Client Partnership Manager Jocelyn Castellanos
Client Partnership Asst. Manager Nick Han
Client Partnership Coordinator Macie Williamson
Client Operations Lead Tracy Yagi
Chief Strategy Officer Mark Turner
Group Planning Director Kathleen Kindle
Strategy Planning Director Jennifer O’Sullivan
Senior Strategist Tyler Koke, Kayla Griffis
Strategist Amy Ting
Client Partner, Product Information Matt Hardesty
Product Specialists Johnson He
Executive Communications Director John Lisko
Group Director Tom Scott
Media Director Tony Shan
Associate Media Director Monique Bloom
Group Director, Public Relations/Earned Media Jana Hartline
Director, Public Relations Kimberly Harms
Director, Earned Media Emi FitzGerald
Manager, Public Relations Ava Batansky
Director, Broadcast Traffic Nadzyah Guillermo
Director, Business Affairs Linda Daubson
Senior Business Affairs Manager Mimi Hirsch
Talent Payment Manager Uriel Zamarripa
Client Name(s)//
Group Vice President Lisa Materazzo
Vice President Michael Tripp
General Manager Michael Moore
Senior Manager Tiffany Shido
Manager Chris Hall
Senior Planner Chad Moore
Planner Audra Russell
PRODUCTION COMPANY// Framestore Pictures
Executive Producer Michel Waxman
Managing Director Jennifer Siegel
Line Producer Kevin Clark
Director Rich Lee
Director of Photography MacGregor
Executive Producer Adam Becht
Producer Mary Stasilli
Editor Scott Butzer
Assistant Editor Eduardo Wong
Studio Coordinator
Colorist Mark Gethin
Producer Greer Bratschie
FINISHING / VFX// Framestore
Director of Production Carla Attanasio
Creative Director James Rogers
VFX Supervisor Dan Brimer/Valia Brinck
VFX Coordinator Jackie Wingo
Executive Producer Dan Roberts
Flame Artist Shauna Prescott
Shoot Supervisor Eric Rosenfield
2D Lead Woei Lee
MUSIC Arrangement & Composition// Shadow – “Green Hornet Theme (TV)” by Billy Mays Black Sheep – “Rocking Horse” by Dead Weather
Sound Designer Michael Anastasi
Mixer Matt Miller
Asst Audio Mixer Ian Connie
Executive Producer Susie Boyajan

Chief Creative Officer: Veronica Elizondo
Executive Creative Director: Sebastian Garin
ACD Art Director: Juan Lodola
ACD Copywriter: Federico Pellejero

VP Director Of Production: Carlos Barciela
Director, Content Production: Krysta Rosales
Associate Social Director Tricia Barreiro
Senior Digital & Innovation Producer Kat Olschnegger
Senior Social Producer Diana de la Parra

VP, Director of Business Affairs: Valentina Dostal
Business Affairs Manager: Linda Flores
SVP/Director of Team, Content and Platform Sandy Mayer
Associate Project Manager: Gloria Machnowski

Managing Director: Ana Rodriguez
VP, Management Director: Anabel Ordonez
Sr. Group Account Director: Patty Mira
Sr. Account Executive: Ana Muñoz
Account Coordinator: Johana Carrillo

VP, Media Director Diana Stumvoll
Group Media Director William Formeca
Media Supervisor: Alexandra Contreras
Media Supervisor: Hunter Marks
Associate Media Director: Nancy Bueno-Shoats
Digital Media Planner Steve West
Digital Media Planner Sara Cortes
Assistant Media Planner Daisy Barraza

Chief Strategy Officer: Laura Semple
VP, Group Director of Strategic Planning Alejandro Oszust
Senior Strategic Planner Louise Edelman
Senior Account Planner Elizabeth Rosas

SVP, Chief Communications Officer: Chris Traina
Director of Public Relations: Delia Lopez

Client Name(s):
Group Vice President, Vehicle Marketing & Lisa Materazzo
Vice President, Vehicle Marketing & Mike Tripp
General Manager: Michael Moore
Senior Marketing Manager: Tiffany Shido
Manager Chris Hall
Senior Planner Chad Moore
Planner Audra Russell
Production Company: JOJX
Executive Producer: Joe Care, Pedro Aragáo de Oliveira,
Jackson Morton
Line Producer: Dave Bernstein
Director: Alan Masferrer
Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu

Editing Company: The Den
Executive Producer: Jennifer Mersis
Producer: Kortney Rubottom
Editor: Tobias Suhm
Head of Production Kristina Thoegersen
Assistant Editor: Laurence Thrush

Telecine: Company 3

Color Artist: Matt Osborne
Senior Producer/Short Form: Dan Butler

Finish: Company 3
Flame Artist Matt Welch
Set Supervisor/CG FX Artist Vernon Wilbert
Finishing producer: Brian Buxton
Executive producer: Connor Callaghan

Music Company: Little Ears
Music Supervisor: Maxwell Gosling
Music Track: Di-Gue Ding Ding
Artist: Le Grand
Music Coordinator: Blaire Brinster
Executive Creative Director:

Sound Design: Lime Studios
Mix: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Senior Producer: Cassie Underwood
Audio Mixer: Zac Fisher
Audio Assistant: Klaudia Bennett

Stills Photographer: George F. Williams

Digital Production Company PXP
Executive Producer: Juan Gomez
Producer: Sara Dowe

InterTrend Communications
Executive Creative Director: Eugene Kim
ACD Art Director: Harim Kim
ACD Copywriter: Neal Persaud
Jr. Copywriter: Derek Escano
Chief Operations Officer: Wade Guang
Group Director of Content Production: Joyce Lu
Executive Producer: Jeanette Kung
Account Director: Alyssa Hu
Associate Account Director: Ann Nguyen
Account Executive: Melanie Ho

Associate Media Director: Idy Tsao
Media Planner: Phoebe Trinh
Jin Choi
Media Coordinator:
Business Affairs Manager: Jeanette Kung
Client Name(s): Toyota Motor North America
Senior Manager: Tiffany Shido
Manager: Chris Hall
Senior Planner: Chad Moore
Planner: Audra Russell
DIRECTOR: Brendan Vaughan

EDITOR: Armen Harootun
TELECINE: Company 3
COLOR ARTIST: Matt Osborne
FINISH: In Good Company
MUSIC ARRANGEMENT & COMPOSITION: Jeremy Wallace Macclean (for “Reborn”)
MUSIC ARRANGEMENT & COMPOSITION: Yessian (for “Exhilarating”and “Quick”)
SOUND DESIGN: Margarita Mix
MIXER: Nathan Dubin

Get ready for the future of Prius


A good campaign.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.7

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