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Maybelline New York ad 2023 ft. Chloe Fineman

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Maybelline New York, the world’s leading cosmetics brand, has launched a new digital campaign featuring comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star Chloe Fineman. The “Ugly Cry, Perfect Liner” campaign promotes the brand’s durability and its Tattoo Studio Ink Pen Liquid Liner.

Inspired by 90s music videos, the 30-second ad showcases the waterproof, smudge-proof, and 24-hour long-wear benefits of Maybelline’s new eyeliner. Fineman, known for her comedic talents, puts the product to the test in the ad as she faces rain and tears, and the eyeliner remains unyielding.

The collaboration between Maybelline and Fineman is a masterful blend of humor, nostalgia, and performance. By choosing a comedian like Fineman, the brand cleverly adds a light-hearted and engaging twist to the campaign, ensuring it stands out in the saturated beauty market.

The ad’s 90s-inspired music video aesthetic is a nostalgic nod that will likely resonate with many viewers. At the same time, the focus on the liner’s performance through challenging conditions effectively demonstrates the product’s durability.

Maybelline ad 2023 Chloe Fineman
Chloe Fineman stars in Maybelline ad 2023

Fernando Febres, Assistant Vice President of US Marketing at Maybelline New York, expressed excitement over the partnership with Fineman. He praised her engaging personality and the ad’s focus on the “cry-proof” nature of the product. Febres stated that Fineman was the perfect partner for the “Ugly Cry, Perfect Liner” campaign, as she successfully combines humor and the product’s long-lasting formula in the ad.


  • Effective product demonstration: The ad effectively showcases the Tattoo Studio Ink Pen Liquid Liner’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and 24-hour long-wear benefits through Chloe Fineman’s humorous portrayal of tears and rain, illustrating the product’s durability and performance.
  • Engaging personality: By partnering with a well-known comedian and actress like Chloe Fineman, the ad benefits from her engaging personality and comedic talents, which adds a unique, light-hearted twist that captures the viewer’s attention and sets the campaign apart from competitors.
  • Nostalgic appeal: The 90s-inspired music video theme resonates with a wide audience and evokes feelings of nostalgia, making the ad memorable and appealing to those who grew up during that era or had an affinity for its distinctive aesthetic.


  • Limited audience appeal: While Chloe Fineman is a popular comedian and actress, her style of humor might not resonate with everyone. As a result, some viewers may not connect with the ad or appreciate the comedic approach to promoting eyeliner.
  • Short ad duration: With a runtime of only 30 seconds, the ad may not provide enough time to thoroughly convey the product’s features and benefits, potentially leaving some viewers wanting more information.
  • Focus on a single product feature: While the ad effectively demonstrates the eyeliner’s durability, it does not touch on other potential selling points, such as ease of application, color range, or skin compatibility. This narrow focus could limit the ad’s effectiveness in appealing to consumers with diverse makeup preferences and needs.


Maybelline’s new digital campaign featuring Chloe Fineman effectively showcases the Tattoo Studio Ink Pen Liquid Liner’s impressive staying power through a humorous and nostalgic lens. The ad’s lighthearted approach, combined with Fineman’s comedic talents and the brand’s dedication to quality, will make a lasting impression on viewers and beauty enthusiasts alike.

Maybelline New York ad 2023 ft. Chloe Fineman
Ugly Cry, Perfect Liner” campaign ft. Chloe Fineman

Chloe Fineman is a talented actress and comedian who has quickly risen to prominence within the entertainment industry. She joined the “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) cast in 2019 and has since become a fan favorite for her spot-on celebrity impressions and original comedic characters. Fineman’s remarkable range and versatility have earned her a reputation as a gifted performer, adept at capturing the essence of a wide array of personalities. Before joining SNL, she honed her skills at the prestigious Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles and was named a “New Face” at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal in 2018. With her impressive comedic background and infectious energy, Fineman’s collaboration with Maybelline in the “Ugly Cry, Perfect Liner” campaign is a testament to her ability to captivate audiences while entertainingly showcasing the brand’s product and memorably.



The ad is memorable to those who grew up during 90s.

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