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IBM has unveiled the next phase of its “Let’s Create” brand campaign with a series of thought-provoking ads asking, “What if?” Designed to emphasize the importance of asking big questions to co-create innovative technology solutions, the campaign was conceptualized and executed by IBM’s Brand Marketing team and Ogilvy.

The four ads showcase IBM’s consulting, data, AI, and security expertise, drawing inspiration from the company’s work with clients across various industries. The ads aim to illustrate IBM’s technology prowess and foster innovative collaborations with clients and partners.

Directed by ProdCo’s Ian Pons Jewell, the ads feature Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated actor and producer Oscar Isaac as the voice-over narrator. One installment stars professional golfer Kurt Kitayama, with a voice-over provided by sports commentator Jim Nantz. This particular ad highlights IBM’s 25-year partnership with the Masters Tournament, demonstrating how cloud and AI technologies have transformed fan experiences. During the launch week, IBM will also use Adobe Firefly, a family of creative, generative AI models, to produce two AI-generated “What if?” themed social posts.

The four ads pose the following questions:

  • “What if you could remaster the Masters fan experience?”
  • “What if buildings could tell you how they could be more efficient?”
  • “What if beer could get to the right place, at the right time, all the time?”
  • “What if you could make analyzing a big bank’s data…no big deal?”
IBM 2023 ad: buildings
IBM 2023 ad: What if buildings could tell you how they could be more efficient?

Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IBM, explained that the “What if?” campaign builds on the “Let’s create” concept, inviting clients and partners to co-create using IBM’s hybrid cloud, AI, and consulting expertise. The campaign aims to showcase how IBM collaborates with clients and partners to solve their most pressing questions through technology and services.

IBM 2023 ad: big-bank
IBM 2023 ad: What if you could make analyzing a big bank’s data no big deal?

Matthew Curry, Global Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy, emphasized that the question mark serves as an iconic central device in the campaign, capturing the spirit of IBM’s co-creation process. The ads, which include fast-paced films and visually striking print work, bring to life the essence of IBM’s brand platform.

The “What if?” campaign follows the initial “Let’s create” campaign launched in 2022, which was IBM’s most significant brand initiative in over a decade. The ads will run throughout the year and will be featured across various platforms, including broadcast, connected TV, digital video, print, and social media.

IBM 2023 ad: beer
IBM 2023 ad: What if beer could get to the right place, at the right time, all the time?
IBM 2023 ad: Golf
IBM 2023 ad: What if you could remaster The Masters fan experience?



An effective B2B marketing campaign.

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