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A Hilarious Take on the Classic Love-Hate Debate

Marmite’s latest advertising campaign, ‘Baby Scan,’ offers an amusing and innovative twist on its iconic marketing tagline, “You either love it or hate it.” The ad, created by adam&eveDDB and directed by James Rouse, cleverly explores the idea of determining whether unborn babies are destined to be Marmite lovers or haters based on their in-womb reactions to different flavors.

The ‘Baby Scan’ campaign is a delightful blend of humor and science. The ad is set in a hospital’s ultrasound department, following expectant couples eager to discover their baby’s Marmite preference. The ad capitalizes on recent scientific research suggesting that babies can experience taste in the womb through the amniotic fluid.

Marmite’s marketing manager, Shannon Lennon-Smith, acknowledges the brand’s obsession with understanding the reasons behind people’s love or hate for the spread. The ad doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing a light-hearted approach to the well-known Marmite debate.

Ant Nelson, executive creative director at adam&eveDDB, highlights how ‘Baby Scan’ taps into expectant parents’ curiosity about their unborn child’s traits, using the opportunity to address the most pressing question of all – whether their child will be a Marmite lover or hater.

The campaign has partnered with one of the UK’s leading ultrasound clinics, Window to the Womb, to provide scans for the public and further promote the campaign. Mindshare manages media for the campaign, while W Communications handles PR.


  • Unique and engaging concept: The ‘Baby Scan’ campaign cleverly combines humor and science to create an entertaining and memorable advertisement.
  • Taps into expectant parents’ curiosity: The ad effectively connects with its target audience by addressing the common question of which traits unborn babies will inherit.
  • Reinforces brand identity: By building on Marmite’s iconic love-hate debate, the campaign strengthens its identity and keeps it fresh in consumers’ minds.


  • Potentially controversial: Some may argue that using pregnancy scans for marketing purposes is inappropriate, making the ad controversial for certain viewers.
  • Limited target audience: The ad primarily targets expectant parents, which could limit its appeal to a broader audience.
  • Relies on the scientific study: The campaign’s premise is based on a scientific study about babies experiencing taste in the womb. If the study’s findings are ever contested, it could weaken the ad’s impact.


The ‘Baby Scan’ campaign is a humorous and engaging take on Marmite’s classic love-hate debate, offering a fresh perspective on a familiar topic. This ad will undoubtedly spark conversation and entertain viewers, reinforcing Marmite’s iconic status in the world of advertising.

Marmite Baby Scan
Baby Scan campaign



A humorous and engaging take on Marmite's classic love-hate debate

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 7.9

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