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I was expecting something more dynamic.

Louis Vuitton‘s latest travel campaign, “Horizons Never End,” features world-renowned footballer Lionel Messi as the face of the brand’s Horizon luggage collection, masterfully designed by Marc Newson. The campaign’s striking visuals, captured by fashion photographer and filmmaker Glen Luchford, showcase Messi in various airport settings, highlighting the Horizon suitcase as his ultimate travel companion.

The images skillfully blend the luxurious and iconic Louis Vuitton aesthetic with Messi’s athletic prowess. In one scene, Messi is seated in an airport terminal, his legs stretched out on his Horizon rolling cabin bag. Another image depicts him sitting atop a classic Louis Vuitton trunk on the airport tarmac, ready for his next adventure with his Horizon luggage by his side. The presence of a monogrammed football adds a personal touch to the campaign, ensuring Messi’s connection to the sport remains ever-present.

Louis Vuitton ad - Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi stars in the Louis Vuitton ad 2023

Marc Newson’s innovative design contributions to Louis Vuitton’s travel collections since 2014 have undeniably elevated the brand’s offerings. With the ultra-lightweight Horizon Soft rolling luggage and the modernized Pégase suitcase among his creations, Newson has helped Louis Vuitton redefine the art of travel. The Horizon collection, launched in 2016, has become a standout in the luggage market due to its ingenious design, durability, and superior functionality. Molded mesh composite cases wrapped in Monogram or Damier canvas pay homage to Maison’s trunk-making heritage.

The “Horizons Never End” campaign successfully celebrates the spirit of travel while showcasing the Horizon collection’s exceptional design and functionality. Messi’s endorsement of the suitcase highlights the collection’s appeal to high-profile individuals who value both style and practicality in their travel essentials.


  • Star Power: Featuring football legend Lionel Messi adds credibility and broad appeal to the campaign, attracting fans of both the sport and luxury luggage.
  • Innovative Design: The Horizon luggage collection, designed by Marc Newson, showcases cutting-edge design and functionality, making it an attractive choice for discerning travelers.
  • Visually Captivating Imagery: Glen Luchford‘s photography effectively blends the luxury and iconic Louis Vuitton aesthetic with Messi’s athletic prowess, creating a visually stunning campaign that resonates with viewers.


  • Limited Appeal: While Lionel Messi’s star power can attract many fans, those not interested in football or unfamiliar with Messi may not feel a strong connection to the campaign.
  • Sustainability Concerns: As a luxury brand, Louis Vuitton may face criticism for not addressing environmental and sustainability concerns within the campaign or the production of its luggage collection.


Overall, Louis Vuitton’s “Horizons Never End” campaign brilliantly combines the talents of Lionel Messi, Marc Newson, and Glen Luchford to create a visually captivating and aspirational representation of the Horizon luggage collection. The campaign is an ode to Maison’s rich heritage and its ongoing commitment to crafting the finest travel companions for the modern-day adventurer.

Glen Luchford photographed the Paris Saint-Germain player for the “Horizons Never End” campaign, in which he poses in an airport setting alongside Vuitton’s Horizon suitcase designed by Marc Newson. First launched in 2016, the lightweight suitcases consist of molded mesh composite that’s covered in a monochrome canvas and trimmed with natural cowhide. BFKN served as lead counsel to Louis Vuitton. Daniel L. Dominguez and Kait E. Kelly led the team.

Lionel Messi statement

For me, the horizon is looking to the future, letting my imagination carry me and thinking about what could happen, what the future holds – all its possibilities,” said Lionel Messi.

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I was expecting something more dynamic from a Messi ad.

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