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Dove ad 2023 – Youth Mental Health Crisis

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A Powerful Campaign

Dove’s latest commercial, a crucial part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s Campaign for Kids Online Safety, addresses the growing youth mental health crisis caused by social media. The powerful film, “Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film,” portrays the real story of Mary, a young person whose mental health has been impacted by social media, effectively illustrating the scale and impact of the issue.

The 2023 Dove Self-Esteem Project Research highlights the alarming statistics surrounding social media’s detrimental effects on young people’s mental health. With 80% of youth mental health specialists identifying social media as fueling a mental health crisis, Dove’s commitment to making social media safer for young people is more relevant and necessary than ever.

Dove’s partnership with cultural icon and people’s advocate Lizzo, Common Sense Media, and ParentsTogether Action is a testament to the importance of collaboration in tackling this significant issue. Together, they aim to advance the 2023 Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), which promotes updated design standards, safeguards, and tools to protect children’s overall experiences online, limiting their exposure to toxic beauty content that erodes their self-esteem.

The commercial effectively conveys the urgency for action, highlighting the need for systemic change and supporting a safer environment on social media. Dove‘s long-term commitment to fostering positive change in beauty is evident through their previous campaigns such as #NoDigitalDistortion, Reverse Selfie/Selfie Talk, and #DetoxYourFeed. This new campaign takes a further step in driving awareness and urging lawmakers to act now.

The live event ‘A Call for Kids’ Online Safety: A Forum for Change,’ hosted by the Dove Self-Esteem Project, demonstrates the company’s dedication to addressing this issue. The event featured influential voices such as Lizzo, CEO of Common Sense Media Jim Steyer, Digital Media Expert Dr. Safiya U. Noble, and Stanford Psychiatrist & Social Design Expert Dr. Nina Vasan.


  • Raises awareness: The commercial effectively raises awareness about the negative impact of social media on youth mental health, encouraging discussion and action on this critical issue.
  • Collaboration: By partnering with influential figures like Lizzo, and organizations such as Common Sense Media and ParentsTogether Action, the campaign demonstrates the power of collaboration to tackle significant social issues.
  • Advocates for legislative change: The campaign supports the 2023 Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), promoting updated design standards, safeguards, and tools to protect children’s overall experiences online and limit exposure to harmful content.


  • Limited reach: While the commercial has a strong message, it may not reach a broad audience or those who are most affected by the issue without targeted promotion.
  • Reliance on public pressure: The campaign relies on public pressure to drive legislative change, which may not always lead to desired outcomes or quick results.
  • Potential for backlash: As the campaign criticizes social media platforms, there may be a risk of backlash from those who believe in self-regulation or view the campaign as an attack on freedom of expression.
Dove ad 2023 - Youth Mental Health Crisis
Youth Mental Health Crisis


Dove’s new commercial is a compelling call to action that addresses the critical issue of youth mental health caused by social media. By partnering with influential figures and organizations, Dove’s Campaign for Kids Online Safety is working towards creating a safer online environment for young people, ensuring that they can express themselves without fear or anxiety. The commercial is a timely and powerful reminder of the need for systemic change and the importance of collaboration in addressing the ongoing mental health crisis among our youth.

Youth Mental Health Crisis
Mary – Cost of Beauty

“Social media is supposed to be a place where people can express themselves and be a source for beauty confidence, not anxiety, that’s why I’m partnering with Dove again and calling on platforms to do more to make social media safe for young people,” Cultural Icon and People’s Advocate, Lizzo says. “Seeing the negative impact social media is having on youth mental health today is devastating and has to stop. Join us and use your voice to help make change.”



Make social media safe for young people!

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  1. Mary is not alone. My team partnered with Dove to find the real-life survivors featured in the film, as well as their families, the mental health experts who consulted on the project and the archival footage shown. GENUINE: The Real People company is proud to join Dove in its mission to make social media a safer place for young people.

  2. A comment from a group of friends about getting seconds sent my daughter into anorexia habits and practices. We are easily influenced at teens yrs, and I applaud doves ad. It’s excellent!

  3. Am very proud that Girlguiding is a supporter of this campaign. Girls and young women are under so much pressure these days and I know as a Guide leader that what we do each week, gives girls a chance to be themselves in a safe space.

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