Lavazza Takes Us to Mars and Back with its New Earth Day Ad

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Lavazza, the iconic Italian coffee company, released a captivating Earth Day commercial titled ¡Marte! For Another Planet. The commercial introduces a fictitious coffee product that supposedly grows on Mars, cleverly playing on Lavazza‘s real-life product range called ¡Tierra! This Earth Day stunt emphasizes the importance of taking care of our planet and showcases Lavazza’s commitment to teaching coffee producers sustainable farming practices.

The digital activation, created by PUBLICIS ITALY/Le Pub, takes viewers on an immersive journey to Mars, featuring red beans that appear as though they could have been grown in a Martian environment. Just as the audience starts to believe in the existence of ¡Marte!, the video clarifies that it is not yet possible. Through a mix of suspense and irony, the campaign reaffirms Lavazza’s support for coffee farmers by promoting good agricultural practices to counter the effects of climate change, with the hope that coffee won’t have to be grown on Mars anytime soon.

The commercial is a testament to the creative prowess of the PUBLICIS ITALY/Le Pub team, led by Bruno Bertelli, Global CEO of Le Pub and Global CCO of Publicis Worldwide. Other key players include Chief Creative Officers Cristiana Boccassini and Francesco Poletti, Executive Creative Director Domenico Manno, and a host of talented individuals in various creative and production roles.

Produced by 360FX Table Top Studio and directed by Andrea Marini, the commercial is visually stunning and effectively communicates the importance of preserving Earth, the only planet with coffee. The Lavazza Foundation is dedicated to taking care of coffee farming communities and the local environment, as showcased in the commercial.

The initiatives driven by Lavazza not only promote the well-being of coffee communities but also support the next generation of farmers by providing them with necessary resources to adopt sustainable farming practices. Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! range is a reflection of this commitment and is sourced from coffee territories where the Lavazza Foundation is actively involved in social responsibility projects.


  • Thought-provoking message: The commercial uses a creative approach to convey the importance of sustainable farming practices and preserving Earth, engaging viewers with its unique concept.
  • High-quality production: Lavazza’s Earth Day commercial boasts stunning visuals and seamless storytelling, making it an enjoyable and memorable viewing experience.
  • Reinforces brand values: The commercial emphasizes Lavazza’s commitment to social responsibility, supporting coffee farming communities, and promoting sustainable practices, strengthening the brand’s image and values.


  • Limited product focus: While the commercial is captivating, it may not directly drive sales or promote Lavazza’s existing products, as the focus is primarily on the fictional ¡Marte! Product.
  • Possible confusion: Some viewers might initially be confused by the commercial concept and may not immediately understand the message or connection to Earth Day.
  • Reliance on digital activation: The commercial’s impact may be limited to those accessing digital platforms, potentially missing out on a broader audience.


Lavazza’s 2023 Earth Day commercial, ¡Marte! For Another Planet is a clever, entertaining, and thought-provoking piece that reminds us of the importance of caring for our planet. By emphasizing the need for sustainable farming practices, Lavazza demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that the pleasure of enjoying coffee remains a privilege exclusive to Earth.

Lavazza Earth Day Ad
Lavazza Earth Day Ad

Lavazza ad 2023 Credits

Global CEO Le Pub, Global CCO Publicis Worldwide, CCO Publicis Groupe Italy: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini
Chief Creative Officer: Francesco Poletti
Executive Creative Director: Domenico Manno
Creative Director: Nicoletta Zanterino
Creative Director: Cinzia Caccia
Sr. Art Director: Santi Urso
Sr. Copywriter: Christopher Penman
Global Head of Content & Social: Valentina Salaro
Senior Content Manager: Vincenzo Di Carlo
Client Service Director: Alessandra Sabbione
Account Director: Mariona Valls Setó
Head of Production: Anna Sica
Producer: Chiara Agresta
Senior Strategic Planner: Alex Moore

Production Company: 360FX Table Top Studio
Director: Andrea Marini
DOP: Emanuele Zarlenga
Executive Producer: Antonella Scoliero
Producer: Gabriele Giudici
Producer: Monica Zobbi
Editor: Giulia Peruzzotti
Color: Orash Rahnema
Post Production: Iggy Post
Music: Daniele De Virgilio
Post Production Audio: Operà Music

Production Advisor
The Producer International



High-quality production

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