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A fun courtroom

Shaken Udder, the premium milkshake brand has unveiled its first-ever TV advertising campaign, created in partnership with agency Quiet Storm. The 30-second commercial, “Do What Makes You Happy,” will air exclusively on ITV for four weeks during popular shows Coronation Street and I’m A Celebrity South Africa.

The ad is set in a courtroom and showcases the infectious happiness of a judge enjoying a Shaken Udder milkshake. His enthusiasm inspires everyone else in the room to “unleash their brighter side.” The commercial has a family feel to it, with Shaken Udder staff members doubling up as extras, including co-founder Andy Howie playing the role of a lawyer and co-founder Jodie Howie working behind the scenes.

The TV advert is part of a larger marketing push, including a digital campaign that launched on April 20th, an out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign, and a consumer PR campaign set for May. Shaken Udder will also roll out in-store advertising in various retailers from the end of April to May.

This significant investment in advertising marks a “key milestone in the brand’s history” and aims to support the company’s growth and distribution ambitions. Shaken Udder is currently valued at £24.3 million, with a double-digit growth of 14.3% yearly. The brand introduced a new packaging design in January to highlight its taste credentials and celebrate its festival heritage.

2023 Shaken Udder Commercial Analyze


  • Unique setting: Shaken Udder sets itself apart from other milkshake commercials by choosing a courtroom setting, capturing viewers’ attention and curiosity.
  • Emphasizes happiness: The “Do What Makes You Happy” theme resonates with viewers and showcases the product as a source of joy and pleasure.
  • The family feels: Including the company’s staff members and co-founders in the commercial gives it a personal touch, making the brand more relatable and endearing to the audience.


  • Reliance on humor: The commercial’s humor may not appeal to everyone, potentially alienating some viewers and affecting the overall impact of the ad.
  • Single product focus: The ad focuses solely on the milkshake, possibly overlooking other aspects of Shaken Udder’s brand, such as its commitment to quality ingredients.

The “Do What Makes You Happy” campaign is a creative and fun way for Shaken Udder to debut in TV advertising. By using familiar faces from the company and injecting humor into the commercial, Shaken Udder has created a memorable and entertaining ad that will resonate with viewers.

Shaken Udder TV Ad judge Courtroom
The judge

Social Media comments about the 2023 Shaken Udder commercial

The Shaken Udder ad has been well-received on social media. The TV spot features a quirky and fun courtroom setting, with the tagline ‘Do What Makes You Happy.’ Here’s what people had to say about it:

One user (@Brilliant) commented on the ad’s effectiveness, saying, “Brilliant, that should get people’s attention.” Another viewer (@cueman) enjoyed the light-hearted tone of the commercial, posting, “Fun ad for a fun brand. Good work guys ????????.”

Darryl Griffin found humor in the ad and shared his thoughts: “Love it!! Very eye-catching. If I’m ever up before the beak, I hope it’s that judge. It’d be nice to have a laugh before I get sent down.???? Also, I can appeal due to competency..????

Others, like @TheEdition100, kept their reactions short and sweet, simply saying, “Udder love it.” D MATTHEWS couldn’t wait to try the product, posting, “I look forward to this drink shaking my maracas!!!!!!

Roberta Howieson appreciated the balance between taste and health, stating, “Bit daft but the shakes always guilty of being both fantastic and healthy!” Mike Eaton confessed his love for the product, saying, “my guilty pleasure mmmmm!

Lastly, Water Box found humor in the ad, relating it to a popular video game franchise: “Is this the Ace Attorney 7 reveal trailer?

Overall, the Shaken Udder ad has generated positive responses on social media, with many users enjoying the humor and fun atmosphere of the commercial.



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