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IKEA UK has unveiled a 60-second video advert called “Show Off Your Savvy,” which celebrates cost-effective and clever ways of transforming a house into a home. Created by Mother London, the campaign is a cheeky parody of MTV Cribs and features a proud dad (actor Shaq Taylor) giving a tour of his home as if he were a celebrity. The ad emphasizes IKEA’s commitment to affordable, sustainable, and high-quality home furnishings and highlights the brand’s Democratic Design principles.

The campaign launched across the UK, and Ireland showcases how IKEA‘s product range, solutions, and services can make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. With a focus on sustainability and affordability, the ad demonstrates that real bragging rights come from creative and cost-effective solutions for the home.

The TV commercial presents a dad proudly showing off his regular UK home, highlighting IKEA’s savvy home furnishing range as everyday items transform into practical, multifunctional pieces. The ad stresses that it’s not about designer sofas or champagne in the fridge but washable covers and delicious oven-ready leftovers.

Accompanying the TV ad is a series of 11 short films on social media that tap into hype culture and social media trends, showcasing different savvy IKEA products and services. The campaign also includes in-store customer communication, web content, and CRM for IKEA Family members, emphasizing the expertise, advice, and product solutions that help people live and show off their savvy.

Sarah Green, Country Marketing Manager at IKEA UK & Ireland, said that the campaign is intrinsic to IKEA’s core values and showcases how the brand can support people in embracing thriftiness and making smart choices through its range of products, solutions, and services.

Comments on social media regarding the 2023 IKEA Ad

Social media users have shared their thoughts on IKEA’s “Show Off Your Savvy” ad, with a mix of positive and negative reactions. Some users, like Ryan Mayer, WeezyMWillem, Fraya ejb, and Alys again, have expressed their appreciation for the ad, complimenting the creative approach and humor. Sandra Perriot also praised Shaq Taylor’s performance in the commercial.

On the other hand, a few users like Wire2904 and Robert Pewsey found the ad to be off-putting and just another one of “those” adverts. Julie Garland even mentioned that she won’t be visiting IKEA in Southampton anymore. Some users shared more neutral comments, like antony kiogora, who was curious about the soundtrack used in the ad, and 洪青青, who humorously pointed out that nobody in the ad was reading a book. Elizabeth line lover mentioned that they might visit IKEA soon to look for a new sofa. Overall, the ad has generated various reactions from the audience, reflecting diverse opinions and perspectives.

IKEA ad 2023 Analyze


  • Relatable and entertaining concept: The ad effectively parodies MTV Cribs, using humor to captivate viewers while emphasizing the importance of cost-effective and sustainable home solutions.
  • Wide range of solutions showcased: The campaign highlights various IKEA products and services, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing affordable, sustainable, and practical solutions for everyday life.
  • Fully integrated campaign: The multi-channel approach, which includes TV, online video, social media, and in-store promotions, helps IKEA reach a broad audience and reinforce the brand message.


  • Limited to UK and Ireland audience: The ad is currently targeted only at the UK and Ireland, potentially missing out on a global audience that could benefit from the brand’s message.
  • Risk of over-saturation: With 11 short films on social media accompanying the TV ad, there is a chance that viewers might become oversaturated with the campaign’s content.
  • Appeal to a younger audience: The parody of MTV Cribs may not resonate with younger audiences who are less familiar with the original show, potentially limiting the ad’s impact on this demographic.


IKEA’s “Show Off Your Savvy” campaign is a clever and entertaining approach to promoting affordable and sustainable home solutions. With its tongue-in-cheek parody of MTV Cribs, the ad effectively communicates the brand’s core values and highlights the importance of making smart, cost-effective choices for a better everyday life at home. By employing a fully integrated, multi-channel campaign, IKEA is set to reach a wide audience and inspire them to embrace thriftiness, sustainability, and creativity in their homes. The campaign’s humor and relatability are bound to resonate with viewers and further cement IKEA’s position as a go-to brand for affordable and sustainable home furnishing solutions.

IKEA's Hilarious MTV Cribs Parody
Shaq Taylor, the actor, is featured in the IKEA advertisement for 2023.

IKEA Ad Press Release Statement

“This campaign is intrinsic to the core values of who we are at IKEA, baked into our DNA is the art of sustainability and affordability, allowing us to always be for the many people. The campaign is rooted in the insight that we can get as much joy when being savvy, as we do from being extravagant. We want to showcase the different ways that we can support people to embrace thriftiness, and help them live richer lives by making smart choices. Not just through our range of savvy products, but also through our solutions, home furnishing expertise and services.” said Sarah Green, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA UK & Ireland


Advertising: Mother
Customer loyalty: RAPP
Media buying: iProspect
Consumer PR: Hope&Glory
Corporate PR: Weber Shandwick



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