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Popeyes has recently launched a new creative campaign, “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken,” which aims to differentiate the brand from its competitors by emphasizing its unique cooking techniques and deep-rooted connection to New Orleans. The campaign highlights the slow, time-honored, homemade traditions of Southern cooking that contribute to the delicious crunch and robust Cajun flavors served to guests daily.

The campaign features a series of spots that showcase Popeyes’ Louisiana heritage and commitment to quality while also highlighting the seemingly illogical aspects of their cooking process. From the 12-hour marination of the chicken to hand-battering and breading in the restaurant, these techniques may not make sense in the context of the quick-service restaurant industry, but they are the key to the brand’s great-tasting chicken.

The new campaign has been created in partnership with McKinney, Popeyes’ new creative agency of record. It is set to launch digitally in May, followed by out-of-home and television executions in June. Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of Popeyes, explained that New Orleans serves as the spokesperson for the brand, emphasizing the importance of the city’s culture and traditions in shaping the company’s identity.

The campaign also features an interactive element on the Popeyes website, where consumers can search for Poppy, the Popeyes Chicken icon, within the commercial. This addition aims to increase engagement and further emphasize the brand’s commitment to its heritage.

Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America, believes that the campaign captures the essence of what makes Popeyes stand out. Despite the seemingly nonsensical cooking techniques, these practices are essential to maintaining the brand’s heart, soul, crunch, and culture.

Popeyes ad 2023 We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken
Popeyes ad 2023: “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken”

Popeyes ad 2023 examine


  • Emphasizes unique cooking techniques: The campaign highlights Popeyes’ commitment to quality by showcasing their slow, time-honored, homemade Southern cooking traditions, setting them apart from competitors.
  • Celebrates brand heritage: By spotlighting New Orleans as the birthplace of Popeyes, the campaign connects with the audience on a deeper level, creating a strong association between the brand and the vibrant culture of the city.
  • Engages the audience: The interactive element on Popeyes’ website, featuring the search for Poppy, the Popeyes Chicken icon, offers a fun way for consumers to engage with the campaign and increases its overall reach.


  • May not appeal to all demographics: The intense focus on New Orleans culture and heritage might not resonate with some consumers who are unfamiliar with or uninterested in the city’s history and traditions.


Popeyes’ new “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken” campaign effectively showcases the brand’s unique approach to preparing chicken while also celebrating its rich history and connection to New Orleans. The campaign serves as a reminder of Popeyes’ commitment to high-quality ingredients, slow marination, Cajun spices, and hand-battering techniques, setting the stage for the brand’s future in a growing and competitive market.

Popeyes ad 2023 Press Release statements

New Orleans is our spokesperson,” said Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of Popeyes. “There is a clear and powerful story about how Popeyes makes its food in true NOLA fashion – with high-quality ingredients, slow marination, Cajun spices, and battered by hand. Our new campaign shifts from a user-generated content model to content that spotlights the vibrancy and culture of our birthplace. This campaign is not just about our great-tasting food – it’s about the history and traditions behind it. It’s about why it’s easy to love Popeyes.

At first glance it might not make sense to hand batter and bread our chicken in a quick-service environment, but if you were to remove our traditions, then you would remove the heart and soul, crunch, and culture of the brand. The techniques we use that make the least amount of sense are what help us to stand out the most, and I am proud that this new campaign captures that point,” said Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America.

Popeyes ad 2023 funny dog
A funny dog stars in the Popeyes ad 2023, “We Don’t Make Sense, We Make Chicken.”



Learn why Popeyes stands out from the competition.

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