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Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care business, announced a relaunch of its brand, complete with a new identity and creative platform that showcases pet owners’ deep love for their furry friends. This rebranding effort aims to establish Pets at Home as the ultimate one-stop destination for pet care needs, from grooming to veterinary services.

As part of the rebrand, the veterinary business will now be known as Vets for Pets, while the grooming service will be called Pets Grooming, unifying all services under the singular brand identity, Pets. The refreshed brand introduces the new creative platform, “We’re all for pets,” which reflects the idea that pet owners will go to great lengths for their pets and positions Pets at Home as the go-to pet care provider.

At the campaign’s core is the “We’re All for Pets” 2023 Report, an in-depth study of pet ownership that offers insights into people’s unconditional love for their pets.

The campaign film, set to the iconic Meatloaf song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That),” celebrates how pet owners show their love for their pets. The ad resonates with pet owners with humorous scenes like a pet owner getting a tattoo of their ferret and waiting for a dog to do its business in a storm.

The rebrand will be implemented across all digital channels, with long-term plans to roll out the new identity in over 450 Pets at Home stores, 350 grooming salons, and nearly 500 veterinary surgeries and practices. Pets at Home worked with several strategic partners, including Nomad, The&Partnership, Canvas8, and PR agency Citypress, to execute the rebrand and campaign.

Pets at Home hilarious ad 2023
Pets at Home, the heartwarming rebrand campaign

Pets at Home’s Rebrand Campaign Ad Sparks Laughter, Praise, and Criticism on Social Media

Pets at Home’s recent rebrand campaign ad, which features Meatloaf’s iconic song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That),” has received a mix of reactions on social media. While many users found the ad hilarious and relatable, some pointed out concerns regarding the company’s small pet products.

Numerous social media users praised the ad for its humor, with one person commenting, “Can’t stop laughing! I can see myself in the man trying to pick up the poo in the storm! Hysterical ????????????????????.” Others complimented the ad’s choice of music, with one user stating, “Absolutely superb choice of song!” Overall, the ad was well-received for its relatability and entertainment value.

However, not all feedback was positive. Some social media users criticized Pets at Home for selling unsafe products for small pets, arguing that the company prioritizes profit over animal welfare. One user wrote, “You sell TINY cages for hamsters calling them ‘extra large’ when they are way under the MINIMUM size of 100x50cm. You spent probably thousands of pounds on this advert when you could have been making suitable cages and products to sell.

This comment sparked a debate, with some users defending Pets at Home and its employees. One person replied, “If you have an issue with the company, take it up with the CEO’s and the big wigs, rather than tar everyone within the company and every store with a negative image.” Others pointed out that pet owners bear responsibility for their animals’ well-being.

In conclusion, the Pets at Home rebrand campaign ad generated diverse reactions on social media. While many users found the ad entertaining and relatable, others used the opportunity to voice concerns about the company’s products for small pets. The ad’s reception highlights the challenges businesses face when connecting with their audience while addressing concerns about their products and practices.

Pets at Home advert analyze


  • Emotional connection: The campaign effectively taps into the deep emotional connection pet owners have with their pets, making it relatable and impactful.
  • Unified brand identity: The rebrand unifies all the services under one brand identity, making it easier for customers to associate Pets at Home with all their pet care needs.
  • Comprehensive campaign: The fully integrated campaign across various media channels ensures a wide reach, raising awareness and strengthening the brand’s image.


  • Rebranding challenges: Rebranding can be complex and time-consuming, especially when updating physical locations such as stores, grooming salons, and veterinary practices.
  • Target audience limitations: The campaign focuses mainly on pet owners, potentially missing out on potential customers considering becoming pet owners.
  • Nostalgia factor: The iconic Meatloaf song may not resonate with younger audiences who may be unfamiliar with the track, limiting the ad’s appeal.


The Pets at Home rebrand aims to strengthen the company’s position as the premier pet care provider in the UK. With a heartfelt and humorous campaign that pet owners can relate to, the brand is poised to connect with its target audience and solidify its reputation as the ultimate destination for pet care needs.

Pets at Home advert 2023
Emotional connection

Kathryn Imrie, Chief Consumer Officer at Pets at Home, expressed her excitement about the launch, emphasizing the company’s purpose of improving the world for pets and their owners. Ash Watkins, Creative Director at Nomad, highlighted the goal of creating a unified visual identity for the brand. At the same time, Toby Allen, Executive Creative Director at The&Partnership, called the campaign a “rock opera power ballad” for pets.




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