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Liquid Death, the non-alcoholic beverage company, has recently partnered with Travis Barker, the renowned drummer from the rock band Blink-182, to create a limited edition collectible enema kit. Named “Liquid Death x Travis Barker: Enema of the State Collectible Enema Kit,” the product is a humorous nod to Blink-182’s 1999 album “Enema of the State.”

The unique package, retailing at $182, includes a 19.2 oz can of Liquid Death water hand-signed by Travis Barker and a custom-branded enema bulb. However, the company has emphasized that this product is meant to be a “limited edition collectible adult art piece” and not intended for use as a real medical device. It is available for purchase exclusively on, and with only a few hundred units produced, they are expected to sell out quickly.

In a promotional YouTube video, Travis Barker jokingly explains how Liquid Death has contributed to his successful music career, saying, “How have I had such a successful career in music? I use Liquid Death Mountain water in my expletive. Thanks to my new Enema of the State collectible enema kit, I’ve turned my dreams into reality, and now you can, too.”

Liquid Death, known for its tagline “Murder Your Thirst” and its mission to reduce plastic pollution, has a history of partnering with celebrities for eye-catching promotions. Recently, the brand worked with Houston Rockets guards Jalen Green on a Liquid Death Hoop Head, a basketball with a screaming face painted on it. In 2021, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk’s blood was used in limited-edition Liquid Death skateboard decks.

Social Media comments

Social media users had mixed reactions to the Liquid Death and Travis Barker collaboration, with some fans finding the “Enema of the State” collectible kit hilarious and entertaining. Many commenters praised the ad for its originality and humor, expressing excitement over the unique and limited edition product. One user even joked about waiting for a Liquid Death bidet to be released.

However, not everyone was thrilled by the concept. Some users said the product made them less likely to purchase Liquid Death water, while others thought the idea was ridiculous or extreme. A few commenters also mentioned the high price of the enema kit, indicating that the cost may deter some potential buyers.

Overall, the ad generated a range of reactions, with some fans loving the humor and creativity while others questioned the relevance and appropriateness of the product.

Advert Analyze


  • A unique collectible for fans: The collaboration between Liquid Death and Travis Barker offers a limited edition, one-of-a-kind collectible for Blink-182 fans.
  • Raises brand awareness: The collaboration generates buzz for Liquid Death, increasing its visibility and potentially attracting new customers.
  • Humorous approach: The enema kit brings a lighthearted and humorous spin to advertising, making it memorable and engaging for viewers.


  • Potential for misuse: Although the enema kit is not intended for actual medical use, there is a risk that some consumers might attempt to use it as such, potentially leading to injuries or health issues.
  • Controversial topic: Some consumers could see the product’s association with enemas, a sensitive medical procedure, as distasteful or inappropriate.
  • Limited availability: The small production run may disappoint fans who miss out on purchasing the collectible kit, leading to dissatisfaction with the brand.

While fans of Travis Barker and Blink-182 may be intrigued by this quirky collectible, it is crucial to remember that the enema kit is not intended for actual medical use. Those seeking an enema bulb for medical purposes should consult a doctor and purchase a suitable product separately.

Liquid Death and Travis Barker
Travis Barker stars in the Liquid Death campaign




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