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BIC, the renowned manufacturer of stationary, lighters, and shavers, has recently launched a highly entertaining and engaging commercial featuring music and entertainment icons Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. The commercial revolves around the search for Snoop Dogg’s BIC EZ Reach Lighter, which has been “borrowed” by Willie Nelson, leading to a nationwide search party and epic sweepstakes.

The third iteration of BIC’s viral EZ Reach Lighter campaign, titled “Most Borrowed Lighter,” highlights the unique features of the BIC EZ Reach Lighter. With its 1.45-inch extended wand, the pocket-sized lighter is designed to light hard-to-reach places, keeping fingers safe from the flame. The commercial emphasizes the lighter’s versatility and usefulness, so much so that friends and family tend to “borrow” them frequently.

The storyline follows Willie Nelson as he takes Snoop’s lighter on a tour of some of America’s most “herb-friendly” cities, such as Blunt, CA, Pottsville, PA, Weed, CA, Stoneville, NC, and Reefer City, CA. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart join forces with BIC EZ Reach to ignite the ultimate search party for the ultimate lighter, including exciting sweepstakes.

Running from April 17th to April 30th, consumers are encouraged to visit to engage with a virtual search map of potential locations where Willie might have hidden Snoop Dogg’s borrowed lighter. After spotting Willie with the lighter through a unique out-of-home display, consumers can enter for a chance to win exclusive signed merchandise from Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart.

The 360-marketing campaign was launched with a giant digital billboard at One Times Square, featuring a campaign video starring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg urging consumers to participate in the search for the borrowed lighter. The trio will also promote the sweepstakes through social media posts, further amplifying the call to action to find Snoop Dogg’s BIC EZ Reach Lighter.

BIC-ad-Snoop Dogg Willie Nelson Martha Stewart
Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Martha Stewart star in the BIC advert


  • Engaging Star Power: The campaign features popular icons Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Martha Stewart, which capture consumer attention and interest.
  • Interactive Sweepstakes: The search for Snoop Dogg’s BIC EZ Reach Lighter encourages consumer participation and engagement, ultimately driving brand awareness.
  • Creative Marketing: The entertaining narrative and 360-marketing approach showcase the unique features of the BIC EZ Reach Lighter in a fun and memorable way.


  • Limited Time Frame: With the campaign running only from April 17th to April 30th, potential participants may miss the opportunity to engage with the sweepstakes.
  • Niche Appeal: The focus on “herb-friendly” cities might limit the campaign’s appeal to a narrower audience, potentially alienating some consumers.
  • Reliance on Celebrity: The campaign’s success heavily depends on the star power of the featured celebrities, which may not resonate with all consumers.

BIC’s 2023 campaign is an excellent example of how the brand is leveraging star power to generate interest and engagement while showcasing the unique features of its product. The creative concept, entertaining narrative, and fun sweepstakes are likely to drive consumer participation and boost the popularity of the BIC EZ Reach Lighter. With the engaging mix of humor, star power, and an interactive search, BIC has truly lit up the marketing world with this entertaining campaign.

BIC ad PR statments

Consumers love this cheeky campaign and how BIC EZ Reach lights candles and “more” while helping to keep fingers away from flames,” said Katty Pien, Vice President of Marketing for BIC North America. “Adding Willie into this playful dynamic with Snoop and Martha will expand the campaign’s appeal by welcoming Willie’s fans to join in the fun.

There’s a reason BIC EZ Reach is the most borrowed lighter—it’s perfect for candles, grills, and more,” said Jeany Mui, Marketing Director, BIC Flame for Life. “Whether you need a lighter for a special occasion, your grill, or firepit, BIC EZ Reach is there to light the way.



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