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In the bustling world of supermarket ads, where deals and discounts usually reign supreme, Ketal Supermarket, guided by the creative hands of Ogilvy Bolivia, takes a different turn down the emotional aisle with their latest ad, “IT’S A GIRL.” Reminiscent of a mini-blockbuster, this ad veers off the beaten path, stirring hearts and possibly even a few tear ducts. Let’s unpack this basket of emotions, shall we?

  1. Emotional Rollercoaster: This ad surprises and delights with its emotional depth, just like finding that last piece of cake in the fridge. It’s a narrative journey that tugs at heartstrings, making you forget it’s an ad for a supermarket.
  2. Brand as a Life Coach: Ketal isn’t just selling groceries; they learn life lessons. This ad elevates the brand to a Dove or Nike-esque status, making Ketal more than a shopping destination but a life advisor.
  3. Cinematic Splendor: The ad’s visual and auditory elements are akin to finding a gourmet section in a grocery store – unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable. Its high production value adds a layer of sophistication rarely seen in supermarket advertising.
Ketal Supermarket advert
Ketal Supermarket advert: A moment in the ad where hearts skip a beat – not your average grocery run.
  1. Missed Product Focus: In its quest to pull at heartstrings, the ad might leave some viewers wondering what’s for sale. Is it tissues for the tears it induces or groceries?
  2. Niche Audience Appeal: This ad might be the gourmet cheese of commercials – not for everyone. Its appeal to a more mature, story-loving audience might miss the mark with those looking for straightforward deals.
  3. Risk of Overshadowing: With such a strong narrative, there’s a risk the story might overshadow the brand itself, making viewers remember the tale but forget the teller – Ketal Supermarket.
Ketal Supermarket commercial
Ketal Supermarket commercial – shining amidst an emotional story.

Ketal Supermarket – IT’S A GIRL” is like finding an unexpected gem in a stack of weekly flyers. It’s a bold, emotional journey that might redefine supermarket advertising. While it risks missing the mark with some, it’s a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the best finds are hidden behind the ordinary. Ketal’s not just changing logos; they’re changing perceptions.

  • Memorable: 90/100 – It sticks like that catchy jingle in your mind.
  • Effective: 75/100 – Hits the heart but might miss the cart.
  • Style: 95/100 – More stylish than a gourmet section.
  • Heart/Humor: 85/100 – All heart, sprinkled with life’s ironies.
  • Execution: 80/100 – A well-baked concept, slightly undercooked on product focus.
A scene that blurs the line between cinema and advertising.

Client: Supermercados Ketal
President: Daniel Pastén
CMO: Andrés Zamora
Agency: Ogilvy Bolivia
CCO: Henry Medina
Project Manager: Claudia Rojas
Sr. Copywriter: Gerson Irazabal
Graphic Designer: Andrés Vega, Adrián Poma, Kevin Quiroz
Head Of Social: Karina Llanos
Production Company: 5to Elemento
Cast:Cristian Mercado, Nimeyra Flores, Laila Manjon, Nataly Ustariz, Pamela Cejas
Director: Julio Barragán
Executive Producer: Mateo Barrios
Director of Photograph: Sebastián Fernandez
Production Designer: Mariana Sandoval
Assistant Director: Alvaro Alvarez
Producer: Andrés Saenz
Assistant Producer: Fernando Corasa, Daniel Loayza
Assistant Executive Producer: Nathalie Barrios
Storyboard: Pablo Giovanny Burgoa
: Pamela Cejas
Locations: Pholack Rios
Camera Assistants: Julio Cruz, David Laura
Making Of / Photo: Juan Ramos
Grip: Walter Pacombia, David Ticona, Sergio Ticona
Art Producer: Jannet Cerrogrande
Art Assistants: Juan Carlos Quijarro, Verónica Ortiz, César Mamani
Costume Designer: Analia Peñaloza
Make Up: Reyna Arias
Transportation: Flavio Colque, Wilfredo Villazón, Juan Colque, Cristian Mamani, Javier Calisaya
Catering: Marcela Flores
Post production: Boris Yampara
Sound Design: Matias Berdiales / Polenta

Heartbreaking advert


Hits the heart.

Heart or Humor8.5
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