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Nike’s (NYSE: NKE) latest campaign, “Only Basketball,” is a high-octane, minute-long spectacle that aims to redefine the brand’s basketball narrative. Unveiled at the iconic Lincoln Center in New York City, the ad features a full cast of basketball legends and pop culture icons, including LeBron James, A’ja Wilson, Jewell Loyd, Travis Scott, Devin Booker, DJ Wagner, and Juju Watkins. But does this ad campaign score a three-pointer, or is it a missed free throw? Let’s dissect it.

Memorability: 95/100

The ad’s ensemble of stars and influencers, from A’ja Wilson to Travis Scott, ensures it’s not easily forgotten. The various settings, including senior proms and global pick-up games, add layers of interest that make the ad stick in your mind.

Effectiveness: 82/100

While the ad excels in showcasing Nike’s deep-rooted connection with basketball, it risks overshadowing the product itself with its star-studded lineup. The ad is effective but could alienate viewers not well-versed in basketball culture or celebrity fandom.

Style: 90/100

Nike’s signature sleek visuals and dynamic editing are on full display. The ad is a visual treat, but it leans heavily on style over substance, which could be a double-edged sword.

Heart or Humor: 75/100

The ad has heartwarming moments, like LeBron James playing with his daughter, but lacks humor. The emotional connection is not deeply explored, making it fall flat in this category.

Execution: 89/100

Technically, the ad is a marvel with top-notch cinematography and editing. However, the focus on celebrity over product could be seen as a slight misstep in execution.


  • The star-studded lineup adds significant allure and broad appeal.
  • High production values ensure the ad is visually captivating.
  • Global scope effectively showcases basketball’s universal appeal.


  • Overemphasis on celebrities could overshadow the product and message.
  • It lacks a humor element, which could have added another layer of engagement.
  • The ad’s style-heavy approach may not resonate with all viewers.

My Conclusions

Nike’s “Only Basketball” is a visually stunning ad that mostly hits its mark but leaves room for improvement. While it scores high on memorability and style, it could benefit from a more balanced focus between its star power and the product it aims to promote.




Heart or Humor7.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 10

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