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A fantastical journey

Prada’s Holiday 2023 ad, titled “Privatesphere,” aims to capture the essence of the holiday season through a personal voyage of fantasy. Featuring Prada Ambassadors Maya Hawke, Damson Idris, Louis Partridge, and Kim Tae-Ri, the campaign is directed by Willy Vanderperre with creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi.

Kim Tae-Ri stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad - Privatesphere
Kim Tae-Ri stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad – Privatesphere

A Star-Studded Affair

These world-renowned stars are encapsulated within a glistening sphere, symbolizing both a literal and metaphorical journey. The spheres serve as personal sanctuaries, flying pods that transport the wearers to imaginary destinations.

A Blend of Past and Future

What sets this campaign apart is its intricate backdrop. The checkered floor of Prada’s iconic 1913 boutique in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II seamlessly merges with a galactic horizon. It’s as if Prada is inviting us to explore the world of fashion and the universe itself. This blend of the past and future, of memory and expectation, adds a layer of depth to the collection that is intriguing and thought-provoking.

The Essence of Escapism

The “Privatesphere” collection is an ode to both introversion and extroversion. It celebrates the power of imagination and the joy of escapism. Each piece in the collection serves as an invitation to push the boundaries of reality from the comfort of one’s mind. It’s a daring move by Prada that challenges the conventional norms of holiday fashion campaigns.

A Comparative Note

While other brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also ventured into the realm of fantastical holiday campaigns, Prada’s “Privatesphere” stands out for its conceptual depth. Where Gucci’s recent campaigns have focused more on the flamboyance of the holiday season, and Louis Vuitton has leaned into the luxury aspect, Prada combines both while adding a layer of introspective fantasy. It’s not just about what you can wear; it’s about where those clothes can take you, literally and metaphorically.

Louis Partridge stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad - Privatesphere
Louis Partridge stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad – Privatesphere

Prada Holiday 2023 Ad Ratings

Memorable: 8/10

  • Why: The campaign is visually stunning and features a star-studded cast, making it hard to forget. The blend of a historic Milanese backdrop with futuristic galactic elements creates a unique visual language that sticks in the mind. However, it falls short of a perfect score because the complexity of the concept might make it less memorable for a general audience looking for straightforward holiday cheer.

Effective: 6/10

  • Why: While the campaign is visually arresting and conceptually deep, its effectiveness in promoting the actual holiday collection is questionable. The focus on the celebrities and the complex visual narrative might overshadow the clothing itself, making it less effective as a fashion campaign.

Style: 9/10

  • Why: Prada has always been a forerunner in the style department, and this campaign is no exception. The visual elements are meticulously crafted, and the conceptual depth adds a layer of sophistication. It’s almost a perfect score, but the style might be too avant-garde for some, especially for a holiday collection.

Heart or Humor: 5/10

  • Why: The campaign seems to lack the warmth and communal spirit often associated with the holiday season. While it does delve into the concept of personal escapism, it misses the mark on connecting emotionally or humorously with the audience, making it less relatable.

Execution: 7/10

  • Why: The execution is technically flawless, with high-quality photography and well-thought-out visual elements. However, the campaign might be trying to do too much at once—juggling star power, visual narrative, and conceptual depth—leading to a somewhat cluttered execution that could confuse the target audience.
Damson Idris stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad - Privatesphere
Damson Idris stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad – Privatesphere


  • Star Power: The campaign features a lineup of world-renowned celebrities, adding a layer of glamour and allure that is sure to attract attention.
  • Visual Spectacle: The blend of past and future, encapsulated in glistening spheres against a galactic backdrop, offers a visually arresting narrative that is hard to ignore.
  • Conceptual Depth: The campaign goes beyond mere aesthetics to offer a philosophical undertone, inviting the audience to explore the boundaries of their imagination.


  • Overwhelming Star Power: The celebrity ensemble could overshadow the collection itself, diverting attention from the craftsmanship and design of the clothes.
  • Conceptual Complexity: The blend of past, present, and future may be too abstract for some, making the campaign less accessible to those seeking straightforward holiday fashion.
  • Tone-Deaf Escapism: The focus on individual escapism could be seen as out of touch with the communal spirit often associated with the holiday season.
Maya Hawke stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad - Privatesphere
Maya Hawke stars in the Prada Holiday 2023 ad – Privatesphere

Final Thoughts

Prada’s Holiday 2023 ad is a masterclass in advertising. It goes beyond the material to tap into its audience’s emotional and imaginative realms. Prada has once again proven why it remains a titan in the world of fashion.

So, as you prepare for the holiday season, consider taking a trip with Prada—not just to a store but to the limitless boundaries of your imagination.



A stylish voyage.

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